Launch a product using RACE planning to structure your marketing activities

Although launching a new product on a global scale has never been so manageable because of digital media, it is also more competitive. We have launched our new marketing playbook resources to help you plan and structure an effective product launch campaign.

It considers how to avoid common pitfalls encountered when launching a product and how to promote your online launch. These pitfalls commonly involve missed opportunities to reach or persuade your audience through the customer lifecycle. This visual shows all the potential interactions that can be used during a product launch across the touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. Use it as a visual checklist of what’s required.

Customer Lifecycle

How to apply the RACE planning framework to a product launch campaign

You may know the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework which covers five parts which are essential outcomes of a marketing or digital marketing plan, they’re Plan – Reach – InterAct – Convert and Engage an audience. For this Playbook, the framework is broken down into 25 more detailed activities for you to review in a checklist format. For each of these 25 activities there we recommend specific actions to take and resources and tools giving more details.

The five parts of RACE planning will help you:

  • Plan your launch
  • Reach your market
  • Act through encouraging participation
  • Convert by turning casual surfers into customers
  • Engage by turning casual customers into loyal advocates


We also offer a FREE digital marketing benchmark templates. Use these to measure your marketing effectiveness and map the stages of campaign planning to ensure continuous optimization of campaigns and media.

Campaign planning digital benchmarks