Marketers can no longer afford to make 12-month marketing plans and review them annually. The agile approach of marketing enables them to review the performance of their campaigns every 2 weeks, recalibrate the process and iterate accordingly

There was a time when marketing was fairly simple. If you covered print, radio and television, your marketing campaign was in good shape. Marketing plans were made annually and were rarely changed. With those simpler days gone, marketing is evolving at a supersonic pace. Most marketers still work on quarterly plans. However, in this digital world, a lot of change happens in 90 days. Marketing teams need to respond accordingly. [si_blog_banner_cta] For example, team one measures, iterates and recalibrates their process every two weeks instead of a quarter. Team two only adjusts their plan every quarter. Team one is 543% faster and delivers 6x more often. Sounds efficient, right? While agile methods deliver at this rate, traditional marketing won’t allow you…

Opinion: A writer writes, a marketer reports? - The lazy day approach to not knowing how your role is integrated with the full marketing mix

How many digital marketing skills do you think you have? Do you think you're employable if you only have one specialized marketing skill? You're really good at it, you get results and you know that channel or tactic like the back of your hand. But you don't know how it integrates with what your colleagues are working on, the bigger business goals, how it contributes or improves the full customer lifecycle, or even how to do the most basic reporting. Every marketer should be able to do the most basic of reporting on their work. You don't need to report on all business finances, all channels of marketing and map these together to produce a beautifully formatted customer lifecycle map with every touchpoint and metric of performance on there,…

Despite media criticism about the proliferation of 'fake news', some marketers see nothing wrong with using it to score flashy results for clients

SearchLeeds always brings a raft of quality talks from British agencies offering their opinions on hot-button issues and advice on alternative approaches you can try out for everything from SEO to PPC, CRO, and other triple-initialled areas of digital marketing. However, one talk caught my eye for the wrong reasons. Oliver Brett from Screaming Frog delivered a talk titled ‘How to make fake news for links’, the description of which asks: “Tired of infographics? Got a bunch of clients nobody’s ever heard of? Got no budget, but need top-level links? Why not orchestrate your own hilarious viral news stories for great exposure?” [si_guide_block id="85104" title="Download our Free Resource – Top 10 common content marketing mistakes" description="Our free content marketing mistakes guide…

Recent news stories have shown influencers in a bad light, which could impact their effectiveness when it comes to brand partnerships

You can’t scroll through Instagram nowadays without seeing a perfectly posed photo posted by an “influencer” either selling something or themselves. This hugely popular form of marketing has really taken off, creating a new breed of celebrity and opening up now opportunities for marketers. However, you have to question whether influencers take things a little bit too far and whether they are actually influential in the first place. It’s all well and good working with a brand that you believe in and want to recommend to followers, but the influencer world now seems to be more about freebies than authentic recommendations. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes" description="Avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience. As with any marketing or e-commerce activity, you…

Lush UK has ditched social media to put social back into the hands of its communities but is this a brave move, misguided or something else entirely?

Social media has become such a huge part of our daily lives, as well as an important aspect of marketing. From keeping up with friends and family and growing your audience to becoming an influencer and increasing brand awareness, social media is a powerful tool. It’s no wonder then that social media users across the globe increased 9% year-on-year, with 3.484 billion people using social networks in 2019. This has led to more brands increasing their use of social media to reach greater audiences and networks have responded to this with tools like shoppable posts. With social adapting to demand and digital marketing strategies attempting to keep pace, the news that…

Opinion: The rainbow washing of marketing campaigns during Pride may seem like a positive, but are those bright colours really supporting the LGBTQ+ community or just fulfilling a brand purpose?

We’re fast heading toward summer, which to most means sunshine, holidays and ice cream. But to many in the marketing and advertising world, it means incorporating rainbows into campaigns ahead of Pride month in June. Throughout June, July and August, rainbows seem to appear everywhere as brands show their apparent support for the LGBTQ+ community. While this may seem like a positive thing - after all, supporting a marginalized community can only ever be a good thing, right? - the rainbow washing of everything from fizzy drinks to bank windows doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Support versus brand purpose

For starters, there is a big difference between supporting a community…

Businesses will always need specialist digital skills

So, Mark Ritson believes it’s time to shut down digital marketing teams for good. I disagree. Why? For the simple reason that for businesses to compete, digital marketing demands excellence in specific digital skills, which are integrated throughout marketing. For me, larger businesses need a core digital team or Digital Marketing Centre of  Excellence to ensure that digital marketing investments are prioritized and the latest techniques are used to ensure businesses can compete through digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn, which influence so many purchases today. [si_guide_block id="84595" title="Download Free resource –Integrated marketing megatrends" description="Learn about the 10 megatrends that have already helped leading companies future-proof their strategies by ensuring all aspects of marketing are integrated."/] I'm not saying that marketing roles aren't important, far-from-it. Marketing directors, brand, product and campaign managers are at least as important to…

We've taken a look at some of the biggest Christmas advert offerings this year to see which hit the mark and which were a big miss

Once again, the battle for the title of best Christmas advert has been raging among retailers. With spending on festive campaigns during the last quarter of the year expected to reach £6.4 billion in the UK alone, Christmas ads are a bigger business than ever. But which ads got it right this year and which didn’t quite hit the mark? We’ve taken a look at some of the best and most popular festive advertising offerings of 2018 to see which we think worked – as well as to find out which brands need to change things up next year.

Amazon – James Story

Not going for a Christmas song actually goes a long way…

Three successful marketers share their marketing career advice and lessons

Often, it's later in our Marketing careers (and life in general!) that we look back and the dots connect. We asked the internet to share with us, their marketing career advice, what they wish they had known when they started their careers, and what they'd do different, -could they do it all over again. The internet delivered, and we've shared our top 3 most honest and insightful responses, below.

Bart Turczynski, Content Team Lead & Career Expert 

When I first took over a team, I was excited but terrified. I felt like I've stopped being a strong contributor and worried I wouldn't do what I was expected to do for the team: help them get their work done. I doubt I'd undo the decision I had made, but still--- I think it's important to understand that if you have a job you love and excel…

My wallet is full of loyalty cards, I've so many at the moment I'm using a spare wallet I got for Christmas just for loyalty cards. But am I the average customer? Do customers want, use and see value in loyalty schemes?

The loyalty market is in a state of flux, Sainsbury's have recently acquired Nectar from Aimia, whilst Tesco are planning to cut back on their reward partner offers. Not so long ago, Morrisons launched their More card to give them the edge over ASDA and compete better with Sainsbury's and Tesco. Loyalty schemes are expensive to implement, promote and very costly to manage. But are they making a difference? Do they increase sales and loyalty? I'm going to take a look at the market. A selection of loyalty cards  The popularity of loyalty cards started a few years back, in the form of…

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