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Chart of the Week: 70% of marketers say that their main goal for using social media is to increase brand awareness, showing that social is about more than sales

Social media continues to be a powerful marketing tool for brands and yet almost half (47%) of marketers say that the biggest challenge they face is creating a social media strategy that supports their organization’s goals. Sprout Social’s latest report reveals that marketers’ biggest goal for social media is to increase brand awareness, with 70% choosing this option. Second to this is sales/lead generation (59%), which is likely to reflect the larger goals of an organization and may not be suited to social media for every company. Other goals that marketers have for social media include increasing community engagement (48%), growing the brand’s audience (46%) and increasing…

Unless you know where you currently stand, you won't know what to work on and what kind of improvements you’re making

There’s no doubt that social media is an important channel for marketing, especially with the increasing user base and rapidly evolving features. In fact, 73% of marketers in the State of Social survey said that social media marketing has been effective for their businesses. That said, some businesses may not get the desired results out of their social media marketing efforts - mainly because they’re making critical mistakes. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes" description="Avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience. As with any marketing or e-commerce activity, you could be missing out if you fail to think-through your social media activities."/] In this post, you’ll discover some of the best ways to improve the ROI of your social…

Organic reach on Facebook is plummeting but there are strategies to use to improve your reach without having to rely on paid posts

The average Facebook Business Page has an organic reach per post of about 6.4% of the page’s total likes. Let’s face it, Facebook is ever changing and evolving. The platform is moving to more human connection and favoring brands and businesses less, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. For marketers like you and me, this means that organic reach is plummeting. Not all hope is lost though, with a few tweaks and actionable steps to your Facebook Social Media Strategy, you’ll notice organic reach skyrocket in no time.

Why organic reach continues to decline

Before we dig into the meat of the strategy, it’s important to understand why this is happening so we can constantly adapt as marketers. That being said, there are a few…

Facebook's Community Standards update, New brand loyalty research, new playable Facebook ads, consumer views on Netflix advertising and Twitter's new live stream with guests feature

This week, Facebook has updated us on how it is enforcing its Community Standards with its third report. The report includes new data in a bid to make sure its enforcement is more transparent. New research has revealed that brands who form emotional relationships with customers are likely to see better brand loyalty, showing that the human element and storytelling really do benefit companies. Facebook has launched its new playable ads, aimed at providing users with a trial of advertised mobile games. As Coca-Cola announces working with Netflix on Stranger Things season three, a study has found that most subscribers are totally against ads being added to the video streaming service. Finally, Twitter has announced a new feature. Those who live stream will now have the opportunity to add audio-only…

Lush UK has ditched social media to put social back into the hands of its communities but is this a brave move, misguided or something else entirely?

Social media has become such a huge part of our daily lives, as well as an important aspect of marketing. From keeping up with friends and family and growing your audience to becoming an influencer and increasing brand awareness, social media is a powerful tool. It’s no wonder then that social media users across the globe increased 9% year-on-year, with 3.484 billion people using social networks in 2019. This has led to more brands increasing their use of social media to reach greater audiences and networks have responded to this with tools like shoppable posts. With social adapting to demand and digital marketing strategies attempting to keep pace, the news that…

Facilitate customer acquisition through direct conversation and provide a seamless shopping experience for your prospects on a platform they’re already familiar with

An estimated 1.2 billion people used Facebook Messenger every month in 2018. A report by Flurry Analytics noted that the time spent on social media and messaging apps increased by a stunning 400%. With this, businesses have begun to realize the importance of communicating with users via the platform they’re already using. Unlike banner blindness (ads) and spammy emails, the experience on Facebook Messenger is immersive and superior. [si_guide_block id="53829" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Facebook advertising guide" description="The aim of this guide is to provide an overview of the opportunities that exist for Facebook advertisers."/] Why should you advertise on Facebook Messenger? Email fatigue is a real thing. Your prospective customers may not be comfortable sharing their email address in exchange…

How to use Snapchat marketing in 2019 as part of your social media strategy

Snapchat has seen some increase in users following a redesign that led to many users abandoning the app. In the first quarter of 2019, Snapchat reported that its daily active users had increased to 190 million. However, this is still below its Q1 2018 number and well below Instagram's user count. [si_guide_block id="132178" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Smarter Snapchat marketing guide" description="This guide has been written to give you a detailed introduction to Snapchat as a whole before breaking down how your business can develop a strategy for building your brand's profile. "/] Snapchat began in 2011 as a disappearing photo-sharing platform. The app saw significant growth when it first launched but is now struggling to compete with its rival, Instagram Stories. Snapchat made its mark for showing a more authentic and unpolished side of social media.…

To know whether your social media marketing efforts are paying off, you need to analyze your current performance

The idea behind social media analytics, while being quite new, rests on an age-old principle — you need to understand where you are to know where you are going. To paraphrase this, to know whether your social media marketing efforts are paying off, you need to analyze your current performance. Social media platforms understand the importance of analytics, that’s why they all provide users with some form of insight. Considering how many options platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer for data analysis, trying to determine which metrics are actually valuable can be quite disorienting. Moreover, beyond your own data, there is so much more to pay attention to and derive valuable lessons from. You can identify content trends, learn more about your target audience behaviour, your competitors’ strategy, ect. These are not the kind of…

Consumers don't trust influencers, Facebook launches 3 new ad tools for small businesses, Amazon storing UK biometric data, Facebook relaxes cryptocurrency ad rules, Google's new consumer privacy plans, Facebook removes "dangerous users", digital ad revenues top $1bn, Facebook political ad warning and Singapore passes 'fake news' law.

This week has seen a number of big digital and marketing stories in the headlines. We've taken a look at some of the biggest, including new findings that show only 4% trust information shared by celebrity influencers, bloggers and vloggers. On top of this, Facebook has announced three new advertising tools that are aimed at helping small businesses make the most of the platform. There are also concerns being raised about a new Home Office contract that could see Amazon storing biometric information belonging to millions of people in the UK. Other Facebook news reveals that the platform is loosening its rules on advertising related to cryptocurrencies…

Both online and offline businesses are using social media to market their brands to their target audiences.

There are about 4.338 billion internet users. Out of these, about 3.484 billion people use social media, which translates to almost half the population of the world. This makes it one of the most important platforms to reach your customers. Both online and offline businesses are using social media to market their brands to their target audiences. However, with the right Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), you can improve your customer service through social media too. A presence on social media makes it easier for customers to reach out to your business for any queries. [si_guide_block id="5768" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Social media marketing strategy guide" description="Our social media strategy guide will help you create an integrated social media marketing strategy that shows you how to…

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