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It seems like just yesterday that we were packing up 2016 and placing our bets on what 2017 had in store, and here we are preparing for 2018 – scary, huh? Once we muster the ability to look beyond the horror of how fast 2017 has been and gone, we’re actually left with an abundance of excitement. The reason for this excitement is that we no longer deem it necessary to sell the benefits or lecture brands on why they should be doing influencer marketing. Nor do we need to, or want to, shout the same old stats on the ROI of influencer marketing ’til we’re blue in the face – 2017 has been a year where many pennies have dropped. With all this said, brands are yearning to learn exactly what they need to do…

Here’s how to attract more brand ambassadors and let your customers do the marketing for you

Many people — even professional marketers — confuse brand ambassador and influencer marketing. Although they share many traits, they are fundamentally different approaches and require different strategies to scale. Influencers are paid, spokespeople. They create content for a short period of time on a contract, then often remove the content from their social media feeds after the contract ends. Influencers have their uses, but for long-term impact, brand ambassadors offer superior ROI. Unlike influencers, brand ambassadors are unpaid customers. Their genuine love for a company and its products inspires them to share their passion, driving sales through word of mouth. Any successful marketing strategy is worth continued investment. Brand ambassador programs are no different. During test phases, marketers should not be concerned about scale — only evidence that a program works. Once the program proves effective, however, scale becomes a…

How to successfully source and create an influencer marketing plan for 2018

Who are you more likely to trust before buying a product? Pose this question to contemporary audiences, and they’ll predictably — and understandably —  say friends, family, and people who have previously used the product. Consumers have hit a new level of advertising fatigue, making us wary of any traditional messages and advertisements sellers throw our way.

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That hasn’t stopped customers from buying though. It’s just that now those purchases get nudged along thanks to recommendations from the tweets, images, and posts a potential buyer sees online. After all, those aren’t talking at you; they’re talking to you in a subtle, casual, and unscripted way. This is a familiar trip through the sales funnel for the customer, except this time the guide isn’t…

Learn how influencer marketing has ripped into social media strategies and how it can help you

Over the past 24 months, there have been hundreds of marketing campaigns executed with the help of influencers. As brands infuse influencer marketing into their marketing mix, they are discovering new ways to benefit from it, and better ways to implement it. As a result, there have been a few changes in the influencer marketing landscape. [si_guide_block id="82119" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 common social media marketing mistakes guide" description="Our actionable guide to avoiding common social media marketing mistakes to help you avoid the pitfalls that limit engagement with your target audience."/] These changes mainly affect marketers’ spending on influencer marketing, and what they achieve through the marketing channel. There are also changes in terms of ROI, and the platforms leveraged…

Don't make these common influencer marketing mistakes or else you risk scandal and negative brand awareness

Named one of the hottest marketing trends in 2017, working with influencers can do wonders for a brand. But, if done incorrectly, can also destroy them. Collaborating with an influencer is essentially picking a business partner; choosing the right one can bring great success, but a poor choice can cause great damage.

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Before approaching the tactic, you must be sure you understand the risks of influencer marketing, and not just the rewards. Here are four of the major ones to consider.

1. They may only be in it for a paycheck

What started off as some extra cash on the…

Influencers are revving up marketing campaigns’ engines in new and connective ways

Just look at Glossier, the skin care and makeup line that built its entire brand by engaging with everyday influencers on social media — no traditional marketing necessary. But let's dig deeper. While influencers can play a part in successful marketing campaigns, it is not only the influencers with the largest social followings who get the job done.

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It’s common to think that more followers mean more opportunities for exposure, but research shows the opposite to be true, favoring micro-influencers with smaller followings instead. Think about it — the lower influencer-to-followers ratio allows the influencer to give more…

What is influencer marketing and how can it benefit your company?

Back in October, Onalytica published a white paper appropriately named ‘The Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management’. The white paper defines what influencer relationship management is and practically, how you can make it work. Influencer marketing is often mistaken for what we refer to as influencer advertising; paying high-profile individuals with a large following for product placements and social media mentions. As the title of the white paper suggests, we view true influencer marketing as a relationship building exercise. In this post, we’re going to take you through exactly what influencer marketing is and why every brand should be doing it. We’ve even got an infographic visually summarising all of the glorious information below.

Let’s elaborate - what is influencer marketing?

As we’ve already touched on briefly, the influencer industry is…

Working with large numbers of smaller influencers is a logistical challenge, and requires the right set of tools

How would you like to recruit an army of influential people -- each with hundreds or even thousands of loyal followers -- to promote your brand? If this sounds good to you, then you understand the rising popularity of micro-influencer marketing. Micro-influencers can sway opinions, there are millions of them, and many are already eager to work with brands. In fact, you likely already have micro-influencers among your brand’s customer and fan base. Ready? Not so fast. In order to get results with micro-influencer marketing, you need to scale your campaign across hundreds, even thousands of influencers (depending on your needs). These are real people, not ad units, and there’s no simple way to automate the process of getting these individual influencers to promote you, let alone handle logistics like negotiation, content creation, and payments.…

Amazon taps into influencer marketing using product recommendations

Brands introducing influencer marketing into their marketing strategy has seen a massive increase in 2017. It has been reported that 70% of marketers agree that creating ongoing ambassadorship is the most effective influencer marketing strategy. In 2017, 82% percent of brands were expected to spend more on video influencer content and increase their spend by 48%.

Amazon is one of the many brands who has seen the benefits of using influencers to increase revenue. In March this year, Amazon’s Influencer Program was launched allowing social media influencers to earn commissions on Amazon products they promote. Last week Amazon also announced they will be accepting sign-ups from YouTube influencers. They have introduced a self-service tool for YouTube stars that lets them request to join the program.

New report download - the Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management

Influencer marketing has grown in importance in recent years as the popularity of content marketing has grown. Influencer marketing is an exciting strategy with “84% of marketers worldwide saying they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next 12 months” according to eMarketer For the lack of a better analogy, if influencer marketing were to take human form, it would be an awkward just post-pubescent teenager. It’s growing up yet not quite mature; it’s gaining a voice but isn’t always taken seriously. But teenagers do eventually mature, they just need some guidance along the way. The exact same goes for influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

You'll know that influencer marketing is not a new concept. Word-of-mouth, social influence, PR and Public Affairs are all closely related. Influencer marketing has many different definitions and forms as you would expect in such…

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