Facebook's US 'Clear History' rollout could be delayed, Snapchat has added new features to Lens Studio AR, Instagram is testing a new messaging app, Facebook bans The Epoch Times from advertising, Google Assistant answering ability improvements, Facebook adds 3D photos to Android

Facebook's 'Clear History' tool has started to be rolled out but it could be delayed in the US due to a court case. Snapchat is making it easier for users to create AR experiences by adding new features to its Lens Studio AR. Instagram is testing a new type of messenger app aimed at close friends and featuring automatic updates. Facebook has banned pro-Trump The Epoch Times from advertising on the platform after it broke advertising rules. Google Assistant is now able to answer more questions, suggesting that voice search is set to become more popular. Facebook has finally rolled out 3D photos to a number of Android devices and has expanded the number…

Facebook rolling out 'Clear History' tool, Twitter blocks Chinese state-backed accounts, YouTube removing chat function, New LinkedIn Live guide, Twitter's new video ad bid and Facebook's new movie ad tools

This week has seen Facebook finally announce the rollout of its 'Clear History' tool, which will enable users to have more control over their off-site data. While it is only available in select locations, for now, the tool will soon be available to all Facebook users - but what impact will this have on advertisers? Twitter has announced that it has blocked a number of accounts that were found to be backed by the Chinese state in the wake of growing tensions between protestors and police in Hong Kong, with Facebook following suit. YouTube has announced that its chat function will no longer be available from next month, with more focus being put on public comments and YouTube stories. LinkedIn has released a new…

Pinterest's new shopping features, Twitter's drag and drop function, GDPR issues for Facebook's Like button, Twitter's Q2 growth and Facebook's streaming aspirations.

There have been a few social media updates as platforms release new features and update functionality. Pinterest has launched two new features that put more focus on online shopping rather than social media and making it easier for e-commerce brands to drive sales through the platform. Twitter looks to be testing a new drag and drop feature that will make ordering images within a tweet much easier. The platform has also reported strong Q2 growth. A new ruling could mean that website owners are responsible for the data collected by the Facebook Like button under GDPR rules. Facebook has also reportedly contacted streaming services about making their services available through a new device. Find out more about these stories with our news round up.


Omnichannel is the preferred marketing method, Facebook sees app usage decline, Instagram testing new Stories notification list, Pinterest launches Mobile Ad Tools and Facebook reaches $5 billion data privacy agreement

Facebook has had a bit of a busy week, with internal research looking at its app's decline going public and the $5 billion US Justice Department fine being confirmed. On top of this, the platform has also agreed to a raft of new data privacy measures with the FTC. In other news, research has revealed that consumers from all generations prefer an omnichannel experience rather than just a traditional or purely digital approach. Instagram is reportedly testing a new type of notification list for Stories, which could be a sign that new features are on the horizon. Pinterest has also launched new features, with its latest ad tools allowing brands to create advertising campaigns on the go via mobile devices for the first time. Read…

Twitter's new reporting tool ahead of elections, LinkedIn's new 'services' feature, Facebook suing a company for selling fake 'likes', Instagram replacing travel brochures, Sri Lankan blocks social media following terrorist attacks, Snapchat seeing user recovery and Google adds fun Avengers-themed feature

This week has seen another update to Twitter, this time to help stop the spread of misinformation ahead of elections. A new reporting feature will allow users to flag incorrect information that could influence people's election decisions. LinkedIn is helping freelancers and business-owners showcase their services on their profile with a new trial feature. Facebook has launched a lawsuit against a company and individuals who have been selling fake engagement on Instagram. New research has found that more people turn to Instagram to find holiday locations than travel agents, with many people choosing destinations based on how photogenic they are. The Sri Lankan government has blocked social media while investigations into the terrorist attacks…

It’s not always easy to tell at a glance which social media platform will offer the most opportunities for your brand

The past decade’s explosion in social media marketing has made it more important than ever to know how to effectively deploy a limited paid social budget. With so many social media platforms around, many small- and medium-sized businesses are focusing on cultivating a strong presence on one platform. It’s a good way for a business to avoid spreading its social budget too thin - but it does require choosing the right platform. The truth is that it’s not always easy to tell at a glance which social media platform will offer the most opportunities for your brand. It takes some research, vision, data-crunching and possibly a little soul searching about what your business is here to accomplish. If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry. We’ll help you break it…

Instagram trailling new video trackbar, Facebook banning white nationalism on its platforms, LinkedIn's new partnership with Adobe, Twitter highlighting politician's tweets that break community standards, Facebook's clamp down on political advertisers and online video subscriptions outstripping cable customers

This week has seen most of the big social media platforms release new features or make policy changes. Facebook has banned content, searches and groups related to white nationalism and is also launching new requirements for political advertisers in a bid to make political ads more transparent. Twitter is looking into ways of flagging tweets from politicians and public figures - including President Trump - that break community standards but shouldn't be deleted as they are in the public interest. LinkedIn announced its new partnership with Adobe, which is aimed at offering better ad targeting on the platform. In simpler news, Instagram seems to be trialling a new trackbar so users can skip through videos. Other news this…

Millions are 5G-ready, Facebook disagrees with ACCC recommendations, YouTube will never be "100% safe" for brands, Facebook to improve messaging privacy and new interracial couple emojis announced

This week's news roundup sees concerns raised about privacy when 5G is rolled out, with the Information Commissioner's Office raising concerns about personal data on a faster network. Facebook has also responded to the ACCC's initial recommendations, disagreeing with the suggested extra regulations. Google has admitted that there is very little chance YouTube will ever be totally brand-safe, although it is making changes to its advertising program to try and protect brands' reputations. Mark Zuckerberg has announced controversial changes to messanger apps, with auto-encryption set to be rolled out. Finally, it has been announced that interracial couple emojis will be available this year following a petition by Tinder. Find out more about each of these stories below.  

Millions ready for 5G but is privacy an issue?

Up to 15 million UK…

Twitter has made some small tweaks to its platform, The CAP has announced new gambling ad rules, Google showcases plans for US location expansion and Instagram investigates bug that caused follower counts to fall

There are no big platform changes to unpick this week, although Twitter has announced three tiny changes to its platform, one to create clarity, another to make it easier to view profiles and the third is especially for Valentine's Day. New gambling advertisement rules will come into play in April that are aimed at reducing the effect that such ads have on those under the age of 18. As well as affecting where and when bookmakers can advertise, the rules will also impact who can feature in their ads. Google has announced its latest $13 billion expansion plans that will see it set up locations in a range of new states, helping to create thousands of construction jobs. Finally, Instagram…

It’s official - too much time spent on social media is bad for your mental health

Following a blog post in December 2017, in which Facebook acknowledged spending too much time on the platform could lead to negative effects on health, it has now gone one step further to demonstrate its commitment to halt the spread of neurotic D-FOMO (Digital Fear of Missing Out). In conjunction with mental health experts and organizations, Facebook and Instagram have introduced tools that restrict the amount of time people spend on apps. Users can monitor just how long they've spent scrolling and swiping away the hours, set a reminder for when they've reached their allocated time, and limit notifications. The tools can be accessed via the settings page on either app by tapping "Your Activity" on Instagram or "Your Time on Facebook" on Facebook. However, some say the gesture simply doesn't go far enough. "It’s not going to really…

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