Create a perfect landing page that converts viewers into customers

Those in the online business may be aware of the benefits of a well-designed landing page. As a goal conversion tactic, a landing page is an effective marketing tool that can help grab the attention of your target audience, helping you increase the conversion rate of your varied marketing campaigns. Mostly, a landing page is created to; Generate targeted leads. Increase email list subscribers. Boost social media followers. Or to increase the sale of a particular product. From a perspective of increasing conversion, it makes sense to direct traffic to a dedicated landing page that provides a predefined action rather than a general web page on your website. As such, if you want to generate better leads that convert then it is essential that you create a landing page when running a marketing campaign.

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How old are the top ranking pages and what does this mean for your business?

One very common question everyone wants to know is 'how do I get my website ranking on Google?' Marketing agencies are probably used to hearing this question and responding with the same answers that there's not a 100% chance of ranking on Google even if you do everything right. Ranking first on Google organically may not be as successful as you once thought when you've got 3-4 search ads taking space at the top. So what does it take for higher chances of potentially ranking based on Google? Only 22% of pages that currently rank in the top 10 were created within 1 year, with the majority of pages being 3 years and older. These strategies on this infographic by The Website Group are guaranteed to revolutionize your marketing. Courtesy of: The Website Group…

‘Conversions’ is what you aim for as an email marketer. But are you walking the right path in the pursuit of it?

Many email marketers, focus so much on revving up the campaign performance metrics that they fail to see what the subscribers will perceive of their email. Email marketing, today, is about delighting prospects and customers at every point of contact- from onboarding to post-purchase communication. So, here are some basic email marketing best practices that you need to follow to ensure that you don’t get your wires crossed:

Use a valid FROM name and address

Your FROM name and email address is your identity. And most subscribers avoid opening emails from a name or address they don’t recognize. So, make sure you are sending your emails from an address that is not only recognizable but also appropriate for the specific purpose of the campaign. Using your brand name in your FROM name…

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of converting more of your website visitors into leads for your business

Especially in long B2B buying cycles, the ability to generate more Marketing and Sales Qualifies Leads (MQLs & SQLs) is crucial for long-term success. That said, in recent years, marketers have become preoccupied with driving more traffic to their website, they’ve overlooked the power of CRO. In fact, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them. B2Bmetric have created an infographic on 16 ways companies can start focusing more on CRO and generating higher conversion rates and more sales online. Thanks to Ben Brown for sharing their advice and opinion in this post. Ben is a B2B marketer, PPC fanatic and Burrito enthusiast at B2Bmetric.…

Ever found yourself stuck in a dilemma while posting images on social media?

A crisp shot posted on Facebook may appear to be of a terrible quality on Twitter, and that’s just two of the many different social channels out there.

While content marketing focuses primarily on the quality of content, the quality of additional assets, such as the feature images and video links should be equally scrutinized. These assets should compliment the textual content, instead of detracting from it. A blurry image may put the user off of your content entirely, as they might question the overall quality of the link.

If you can’t make the effort of presenting your audience with decent quality content, why should they make the effort of consuming it?

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What skills should each of your employees have? Create the marketing dream team with the right skills, knowledge and employee enthusiasm

We have recently updated our Digital Marketing Job Descriptions and Roles guide to help businesses of all sizes recruit the right talent for their digital team.

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These practical descriptions will help you create a marketing team structure that has all the necessary skills your business needs to make the most out of every opportunity. But, we have also seen a fun infographic created by the Website Group, which explains a marketing dream team in lego characters.We like this, but what do you think? Courtesy of: The…

A visual checklist to the essential features of an ecommerce site to ensure success

Your site needs to have quality products that attract customers and a user-friendly design to convert users into loyal and recurring customers. There is already a well-established set of standards regarding the features of an ecommerce site. But a beautiful site with great products won’t ensure the success of your online store. You need to know which features are really important to convert your customers. [si_guide_block id="79186" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 ecommerce mistakes" description="Explore the top 10 ecommerce mistakes and how to avoid them. Ecommerce is a fast-moving environment and we actively keep our mistakes up to date so you’re always making the most of your marketing"/] Typically about 60 - 80% of customers leave ecommerce sites without making a purchase. And only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. But by introducing the proper design elements…

Why social media customer care is important in retaining loyal customers and positive brand awareness

With all the noise and saturation of businesses and brands online vying for more clients and customers, there is one guaranteed thing that any smart digital marketer can do to stand above the noise to build and keep their network of buyers: social media customer care, or SMCC. Although most business owners today are familiar with the concepts of digital marketing and customer relations management (CRM), the concept and successful application of SMCC isn’t quite as widespread. In light of ever-increasing volumes of competing brands getting online, the wiser business owners should be shifting their attention to reaching out to their customers when it matters the most, addressing their questions, problems, and concerns.

Social Media Customer Care (SMCC) vs. Customer Relations Management (CRM)

According to the information from this data sheet by UK Website Builder, brands send an…

How successful were brands in their 2017 Black Friday campaigns?

Each year, online retailers make new records during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping period. 2017 is no exception. ContactPigeon, a marketing automation platform for 200+ eCommerce brands, recently analyzed over millions of emails and eCommerce transactions for a sneak peek into how Black Friday 2017 has shaped up. The most interesting insights were summed up in an infographic. Key findings include: Online sales are record high: +14% revenue increase, compared to same 24-hour period on Black Friday 2016. More retailers are using email for Black Friday: +11% overall increase in total volume of emails sent on Black Friday 2017, compared with Black Friday 2016. Email marketing is still strong: Email alone as a channel makes up 23% of sales attribution on Black Friday 2017. Desktop is (still) the Black Friday king: Despite the growing mobile usage, the majority of…

The best digital marketing tips from 2017 at the 3XE conference

The 3XE Search – Digital Marketing Conference, was one out of a series of three educational conferences focused on different aspects of digital marketing. The event took place at Croke Park, Dublin, home to Gaelic Athletic Association, it provided an eye-catching and functional venue for the conference. Focusing specifically on Search marketing the day consisted of presentations from leading digital professionals from all over the world, broken up with selected workshops on how to plan and implement your digital marketing campaigns. The 3XE Digital series has grown massively over the last few years and has become a must-attend event for digital marketers. With a total of 15 presentations covering all elements of Search, the expert advice we picked up was second to none. A key theme throughout the day was the changing way in which consumers use search and the introduction of…

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