Between 2015 and now, Google searches for "influencer marketing" have increased by more than 80%

2018 has definitely been the year of the influencer. In a world where consumers turn a blind eye to traditional marketing content, influencer marketing helps to break the ice. Organic influencer content helps to get brand messages across to consumers better than ever. Consider product reviews from influencers, for instance. 67% of marketers have found such content to be very effective in influencing the purchase decisions of consumers. Quite frankly, that impressive number shouldn’t come as a surprise. 60% of consumers have found blog reviews and social media posts useful when shopping in a store. So, it makes sense to invest in influencer marketing and reap its benefits for the growth of…

Having a poorly optimized landing page can turn down visitors’ eagerness to find out more about your product

Landing pages are the place where an interested visitor turns into a lead and you need to design it very carefully. Many companies hold back on developing their landing pages because they assume everyone who visits a landing page are certain to become leads. Conversion is a long process that consists of many parts: emails, banners, ads, lead magnets, blog posts, infographics -- you know all the things. You probably have thought out your conversion funnels carefully from top to bottom, and that’s good for you. However, if you slack out on your landing page you’ll risk wasting the effort you’ve spent on building a marketing funnel. Let me explain.

Why are landing pages so important?

As mentioned earlier, landing pages are the focal…

Chart of the Day: Advertisers Say Audience Data Accuracy is Important. How Important?

When it comes to consumer data there is no denying the importance that it holds in advertising and marketing. For a business to really resonate with their target audience, the data they hold on them is how they can make meaningful content which holds ROI. The importance of the data is varied from case to case and marketers decide where to place that importance. Quality of data is a big thing when it comes to acquiring audience data. However, it is not the only factor which goes into the decision process. This chart shows what importance is levied on these different factors 300 brand marketers were asked what they evaluate when purchasing user data. Interestingly, 73% of all respondents stated that they see cost as the main driving force. This is compared to only 66%…

How old are the top ranking pages and what does this mean for your business?

One very common question everyone wants to know is 'how do I get my website ranking on Google?' Marketing agencies are probably used to hearing this question and responding with the same answers that there's not a 100% chance of ranking on Google even if you do everything right. Ranking first on Google organically may not be as successful as you once thought when you've got 3-4 search ads taking space at the top. So what does it take for higher chances of potentially ranking based on Google? Only 22% of pages that currently rank in the top 10 were created within 1 year, with the majority of pages being 3 years and older. These strategies on this infographic by The Website Group are guaranteed to revolutionize your marketing. Courtesy of: The Website Group…

Boost in-store sales with social media. Infographic illustrating the many ways in which retailers can integrate their social presence with the in-store experience.

The topic of omnichannel marketing seems to be on the lips of most retailers these days. In a time when customers have multiple points of contact with retailers, the expectation is that their experience is seamlessly integrated across any and all channels.

Whether a customer is shopping in-store or scrolling through Instagram, consumers now expect each touchpoint with a brand to be consistent.

The gradual move to omnichannel marketing represents a significant shift in the thinking of retailers. No longer seen as competing opposites, the online world and the brick-and-mortar shop are now seen as complementary pieces of the whole experience. When strategically integrated, all these elements can work together to help the business thrive.

Retailers stand to…

A digital marketing team management tool to help marketers of any level make long-term professional development plans

Whether you are looking to plan your future career or are managing a team, it’s worth having an idea of the latest career opportunities in digital marketing. That’s why we’ve created our Digital Careers Family Tree, so you and anyone on your team can see potential career paths and establish the training needed to reach the next level of career progression. [si_guide_block id="117459" title="Marketing careers and skills development workbook" description="This infographic has been created to be used with our free marketing careers workbook, which will help you identify your key motivators, analyze your digital marketing skills, and leverage your strengths for greater development."] One of the joys of the digital workplace is how many disciplines that can fall under an individual department. For example, content creation is…

Email is a marketing channel that has evolved over the years, smartly adopting new technology and adapting to demands of the changing times

Emails have been in place for around four decades now. It is a remarkably cost-effective way to build long-lasting relationships with customers and drive business growth. Marketers who can adhere to the principles of correct email marketing will surely be able to give more bang for the marketing buck. Here’re the top reasons why emails reign the marketing world as a noteworthy medium.

Emails can be personalized for individual subscribers

Emails can simulate one-on-one conversation with your subscribers and impart a personalized experience to them. You can send real-time emails according to the triggers such as website activity, past purchases, cart abandonment, etc. It facilitates “marketing trinity”, that is, sending the right message (offer) at the right time to the right person. See how ASICS sends an interesting cart abandonment email to…

What skills should each of your employees have? Create the marketing dream team with the right skills, knowledge and employee enthusiasm

We have recently updated our Digital Marketing Job Descriptions and Roles guide to help businesses of all sizes recruit the right talent for their digital team.

[si_guide_block id="21625" title="Download our recently updated Business Resource – Digital Marketing job descriptions and roles" description="Helping you recruit and develop the right digital skills in your organization plus benchmark your salary and skills."/]

These practical descriptions will help you create a marketing team structure that has all the necessary skills your business needs to make the most out of every opportunity. But, we have also seen a fun infographic created by the Website Group, which explains a marketing dream team in lego characters.We like this, but what do you think? Courtesy of: The…

Ever found yourself stuck in a dilemma while posting images on social media?

A crisp shot posted on Facebook may appear to be of a terrible quality on Twitter, and that’s just two of the many different social channels out there.

While content marketing focuses primarily on the quality of content, the quality of additional assets, such as the feature images and video links should be equally scrutinized. These assets should compliment the textual content, instead of detracting from it. A blurry image may put the user off of your content entirely, as they might question the overall quality of the link.

If you can’t make the effort of presenting your audience with decent quality content, why should they make the effort of consuming it?

[si_guide_block id="85104" title="Download our Free Resource – Top 10 common content marketing mistakes" description="With so much content being produced,…

Those in ecommerce industry tend to consider benchmarks, budgets, and trends to streamline their businesses. Unfortunately, they ignore risks

Every year, around this time, Shopygen publish a post on important risks that cannot be ignored by our readers’ businesses and clients. [si_guide_block id="79186" title="Download FREE Resource – 10 ecommerce mistakes" description="Explore the top 10 ecommerce mistakes and how to avoid them. Ecommerce is a fast-moving environment and we actively keep our mistakes up to date so you’re always making the most of your marketing"/]

Ecommerce Online Security

From a perspective of tackling cyber fraud, stringent security standards should be implemented. For a broader overview of different types of cyber threats, consider the following list: Phishing Hacking Credit card fraud Data errors Unprotected online services Adoption of techniques such as…

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