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Selecting the best revenue model options for your digital business

A good revenue model is a proven technique used by digital businesses globally, from startups to global corporations, to generate income from traffic on their website, mobile apps, and via digital channels. I created this revenue model spreadsheet for marketers to plan the revenue generation. The main parameters you need to set are the variables for each Ad Unit or Container Type (blue fields) and it works out the revenue earning (orange fields) for you!

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The site ad revenue model

If you 'plug-in' some average figures for pay-for-performance-based advertising options like cost per click or cost per action approaches, as shown below, it shows why fixed fees and CPM models tend to be preferred by publishers. It also shows that you need substantial traffic to make a lot of money through advertising. At a CPM Of ¬£10 with 2 ad units on the…

Chart of the Week: 81% of e-commerce marketers say the acquisition of new customers is one of their biggest goals, despite having higher costs than customer retention

E-commerce is a growing market, which is being reflected in its marketing budgets. In fact, 65% of e-commerce marketers have said that their marketing budget has increased this year compared to 2018 compared to just 10% who said it has decreased. The rise in budgets is likely tied to the increase in expectations for marketers in the e-commerce sector, with heavy competition meaning that new tools, techniques and technologies are being utilized to drive shoppers to stores. This is shown by the fact that 81% of respondents said that acquisition marketing was the largest e-commerce marketing investment priority in 2018. According to a new report from Commerce Next and Oracle, bringing new…

Know where your app user acquisition channels drive sign ups

After spending your hard-earned marketing dollars on ad campaigns for your apps, you may be disappointed with the low acquisition figure and this prompts many questions. Have your ad campaigns targeted the right audience? Did you have the wrong advertising priorities when choosing campaign partners, ad networks and tracking partners for your ad campaigns? All these and many more aspects play a crucial role in making your app acquisition drive successful. Lack of adequate measures may mean you are unable to determine which channels are effective. So, measuring the success of your campaigns is crucial for the future of sustaining your app to support your business. In this post I will offer some clues as where to begin and how to approach this measurement. First of all, sustainability is more important than growth because only when through enough acquisition you can secure…