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Setting Digital Marketing KPIs

Monitoring the right KPIs is the best way to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t driving the expected profit

Is your SEO strategy effective enough? How can you ensure your efforts drive tangible results? What can you do to develop your website performance? Tracking the right performance metrics, you’ll be able to answer all these questions. KPIs work as a control system that lets you identify which tactics work and which don’t. What’s most important, monitoring the right KPIs is the best way to avoid spending time and money on something that isn’t driving the expected profit. [si_guide_block id="107298" title="Read our Business Membership resource – Big book of marketing KPI benchmarks" description="This handy guide will help you improve your return on marketing by applying thoughtful, targeted benchmarks and forecasting to your day-to-day marketing activities."/] In this article, I’ll highlight 10 critical indicators marketers should pay attention to.

1. Organic traffic

This KPI measures how…

How to set digital marketing KPIs, make them SMART KPIs and align your KPIs with the RACE planning model

Digital Marketing KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable goals which help you to track and measure success. KPIs are a useful way for Digital Marketers to set expectations and prove that their work is having a positive impact. To outsiders, the success of digital marketing activity can be seen as difficult to measure but this really isn’t the case. In fact, it’s normally easier to measure progress for a digital campaign than an offline one. The aim of this post is to help you set digital marketing KPIs to measure what really matters in a way which all parties can agree on. We’ll cover negotiating KPIs and how to tie your KPIs into the Smart Insights RACE model. [si_guide_block id="55897" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing benchmarking templates" description="Compare your use…

Three steps to creating an insight-driven digital marketing report

Monitoring, tracking and reporting on marketing campaigns is both an essential and valuable process that enables marketers to evaluate performance and understand what works, what could be improved and the overall impact on the business. Whilst reporting templates can be helpful, every business and campaign is different, and one size does not always fit all. [si_guide_block id="116673" title="Download our Premium Resource – Measuring and reporting on client campaigns" description="Our guide shows you the building blocks of 'data-driven marketing', ensuring that data that is important to your client is captured in an effective manner across channels and campaigns for reporting."/]

Introducing key performance questions

In 2014, marketing consultant Bernard Marr felt that organizations were often jumping straight into designing indicators before being clear about what they really needed to know. As a response to this ongoing challenge, he introduced…

Chart of the day: 71% of luxury brands measure influencer success through web traffic

In recent years, using influencers to market products has become a core part of most brands marketing strategy. But now it has become a key strategy for some of the world's biggest luxury brands. The struggle for many luxury brands is being able to measure their return on investment, as it is hard to single its success down to just one influencer or product. One study asked both luxury and non-luxury brands how they measure the success of a campaign where influencers have been used as part of the strategy. 62% of luxury brands said that revenue generation is an important measure of success, whereas only 44% of non-luxury brands place value on revenue. For luxury brands 79% measure the success of influencer collaborations through web traffic generated. Although it is difficult to fully understand what impact influencers have, brands can measure many…