Why use a framework to create an integrated marketing strategy?

I believe that implementing a digital marketing strategy framework to follow is essential to ensure the success of your integrated marketing strategy. Importantly by agreeing on a marketing plan structure during the planning phase, you can ensure the buy-in from your team and business to support your integrated marketing strategy. Applying a strategic framework creates a system to make your plans easier to understand and gives a way to assign specific metrics to monitor, manage and measure the performance of your integrated marketing strategy.

The RACE Framework

We've created the RACE Framework and subsequent RACE marketing training to empower marketing leaders to take a data-driven, customer-centric approach to planning, managing, and optimizing their marketing strategies. By using this structure for your planning, you can integrate all your marketing activities across your key omnichannel customer touchpoints, to strengthen your reach, interaction, conversion, and engagement. …

Structure your next big marketing campaign using the 5-step RACE Framework to inform your strategy. Integrated across plan, reach, act, convert and engage, our marketing solutions are proven to win more customers and accelerate your ROI

Have you got an up-to-date marketing campaign planning process? Creating ad-hoc campaigns, or re-using previous successful approaches, can be the time-saver you need to get a new campaign up and running. But, without understanding the wider PESTLE issues before planning a campaign, you could target the wrong audience with incorrect messaging, or even cause offense. Keep reading for examples of marketing campaigns that do just that, plus our recommended tools for your marketing campaign PR management.

What is the RACE Framework?

The RACE Framework supports managers and marketers to integrate all their key channels and tactics into one plan. Apply the RACE Framework to streamline your marketing strategy today, so you can clearly track and manage your campaign…

Sustainable marketing is a great way to promote the eco-friendly aspects of your company, as long as you get it right

It’s natural for a business to use all of its genetic makeup to promote itself and stand out in its market. For example, SMEs frequently use grassroots beginnings or a local focus to give them a unique tone of voice, while larger companies pride themselves on winning industry awards. Another strategy that is becoming more popular for companies looking to make their mark is sustainable marketing. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming a more common brand value, with the most recent Conference of Parties (COP) highlighting its 2023 objectives as: Reducing emissions Helping countries adapt Climate finance Responsibility for the climate crisis is shared by governments, businesses, and individual consumers. So sharing your eco credentials could help you win more business accounts or increase customer loyalty, depending on your goals. However, it…

Campaign of the Week: Spotify use their data analytics in a risky but elegant marketing campaign

When it comes to data analytics and marketing campaigns, you don't often find common ground within the B2C arena. I myself have what could be described as an unhealthy fascination with data analytics. We won't go into that now though, instead let's talk about how Spotify made it cool with not just millennials, but everyone. Their "2018 Goals" campaign was the perfect way to sign off an impressive 2017. [si_guide_block id="84595" title="Download Free resource –Integrated marketing megatrends" description="Learn about the 10 megatrends that have already helped leading companies future-proof their strategies by ensuring all aspects of marketing are integrated."/]

The play

Spotify experienced an impressive 2017 with the brand starting to hit a sharper growth curve than any years prior. This meant that they saw 40% growth in revenues and clawed back…

How three very different brands gained social success by creating Facebook campaigns that engaged users and got them talking

In our Facebook marketing guide we share lots of examples of practical techniques for businesses to achieve their goals. We're always on the lookout for new examples to share, so we 'put our heads together' in our team to share those we liked best from this year. We'd be interested to know which campaigns you rate from this year, please share to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The examples we have chosen are all remarkable for getting cut-through and engagement to support the goals of the organisation. Thinking of our RACE planning framework,  Facebook (and other social networks) can support all the parts of the customer lifecycle goals from achieving reach, encouraging interactions, generating conversion and customer engagement. We have chosen these three examples since they achieve these across very different categories.

[si_guide_block id="19998" title="Download Premium Resource – Facebook…

Recent successful marketing campaigns to inspire your marketing efforts

Launching a contemporary digital marketing campaign can be tricky and involves several layers of integration. What makes a campaign contemporary is its use of new and innovative digital channels and how you use these alongside more traditional methods of marketing. In order for your campaign to be successful, it needs to have an emotional connection with your audience and consistent messaging across each channel. You may want to consider Pickton and Broderick’s 4 Cs 'Coherence, Consistency, Continuity and Complementary. You can read more about these here. We have put together some great examples of successful contemporary digital marketing campaigns, to help inspire your own campaigns.

O2 - #FollowtheRabbit

The #FollowTheRabbit campaign recently launched by O2 aims to represent curiosity. The campaign will include TV, mobile, live events and Social media. It will also feature O2’s first Snapchat lens and geo-targeted filters. This campaign introduces…

How to create and implement a successful SMS marketing campaign

There are countless reasons why your business should consider implementing SMS marketing as part of your overall communications strategy. It’s budget-friendly - you can send messages from around 2p / 2 cents per message It hits the mark - over 97% of text messages are read within the first four minutes It gets your customers to act - 19% of people will click a link in a SMS campaign rather than just 4.2% for emails It produces results - 30% of SMS campaigns receive average response rates of 30%, compared to 4% for emails But there are rules to follow in order for each of your SMS campaigns to be successful. In this post I will…

Incorporating the 4Cs of integrating digital marketing into marketing campaigns

Do you know the “4Cs” of integrated campaigns? When thinking about how to create a successful integrated marketing campaign, Pickton and Broderick’s 4 Cs explained in their book Integrated Marketing Communications can be a handy test. They outline the four key concerns that need to be addressed in order to give your campaign a chance of reaching its goals. The 4Cs are: Coherence – different communications are logically connected? Consistency – multiple messages support and reinforce, and are not contradictory? Continuity – communications are connected and consistent through time? Complementary – synergistic, or the sum of the parts is greater than the whole? In this post we take a look at three high-profile campaigns, and offer an insight into their results related to the 4Cs .

02: Be More Dog

O2’s foray into 4G advertising asked us "to be more dog". The overall message of the campaign is that life in the digital…