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Inbound marketing strategy

B2C strategies can also be used for B2B audiences, after all, all marketing is human to human

B2B marketing strategies can be hard to get a handle on since reaching potential customers is very different from B2C ones, right? Or are there strategies that translate from consumer-focused organizations to B2B ones? In a word, yes...and it is those strategies that need to infiltrate our marketing efforts in the business-to-business world to compete in the current and future age. All marketing is, after all, human to human. In their article (and accompanying infographic), Imaginasium, a B2B marketing agency, demystifies B2B marketing with stats, tips, and strategies you can put to use today. First, let’s review a couple of those surprising stats about B2B marketing strategies; for more of these, see the full infographic below. 51% of companies don’t have a clear marketing strategy 68% struggle with getting enough quality B2B leads 79%…

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to leverage inbound marketing on LinkedIn to create a steady stream of high-quality B2B leads and accelerate your sales.

No scraping emails and outbound outreach with your inbound marketing. No mass-spamming. Just an exact step process you can follow to regularly fill in your sales pipeline with high-quality inbound leads. Let’s get started. [si_guide_block id="25525" title="Smarter LinkedIn marketing guide" description="For a complete overview of everything LinkedIn can do and how to set up a business page that will generate interest on the platform, download our Smarter LinkedIn marketing guide."]

Step 1: Define and focus on your target market segment

From a glance, this is the easiest step but, at the same time, wrong targeting makes every marketing campaign doomed before it ever started. There is a famous Russian proverb: A person who chases two rabbits…

A working marketing funnel ensures a steady influx of leads which forms the basis for business growth.

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve done everything you could to sell your product, but people didn’t buy it? You may have a fantastic product, a lot of great ideas and motivation to run your business, but unfortunately, that is not always enough to succeed. This blog will review how optimizing your marketing funnel can help you overcome this dilemma! According to Forbes, eight out of ten entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within 18 months. If you don’t want to repeat their fate as a businessman, you need to understand how to sell your product or service. To do that, you need to be able to build an effective marketing funnel. [si_guide_block id="59581" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Inbound marketing Quick Wins template" description="Our…