87% of marketers state that AI and machine learning are already vital to their organization’s success, yet this has the largest skills gap present in the data and marketing industry. Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA discusses why these skills are essential to the future of intelligent marketing

Data and technology have already transformed the way businesses engage their customers in the 21st Century. The prospect of artificial/augmented intelligence (AI) and machine learning revolutionizes the speed with which we, as marketers, can take action on this insight to offer better, more relevant and engaging content to customers. Much has been said about AI in recent years, but one thing that continues to be overlooked is the need for marketers who are driven to explore and develop their own skills sets, as well as organizations that embrace a continuous learning environment. In the not-too-distant future, marketers will need to be equally proficient…

Businesses will always need specialist digital skills

So, Mark Ritson believes it’s time to shut down digital marketing teams for good. I disagree. Why? For the simple reason that for businesses to compete, digital marketing demands excellence in specific digital skills, which are integrated throughout marketing. For me, larger businesses need a core digital team or Digital Marketing Centre of  Excellence to ensure that digital marketing investments are prioritized and the latest techniques are used to ensure businesses can compete through digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn, which influence so many purchases today. [si_guide_block id="81859" title="Download our Free Resource – 10 digital marketing megatrends 2019" description="This free guide for all members shows how your business can get an edge by reviewing 5 key types of marketing trends and specific digital marketing techniques which will help your business become more competitive."/] I'm not saying that marketing…

Facebook called "digital gangsters" by UK government, Google rolling out click share for Search campaigns, big brands pull out of YouTube advertising, Marketing skills gap increasing and Ikea announces new sustainable store opening with water-cleaning bath boats

A new parliamentary report has found that Facebook has broken regulations and has called on the UK government to do more to bring it and similar sights under regulatory control. Google has started rolling out click share for Search campaigns, giving you more insights into the success of your text ads. A number of big brands have reportedly pulled out of advertising deals with YouTube after concerns were raised that paedophiles are using the platform to create communities. The marketing skills gap seems to be increasing, despite investment in training. Ikea is advertising the launch of its new sustainable Greenwich store with life-size bath boats that are helping to clean up London's waterways. Find out more about these stories…

Digital PR techniques that will increase your organic rankings and ROI

The rise of PR-fuelled marketing in the face of diminishing returns on advertising has seen 66% of marketers rank quality content as their top marketing priority. With so much riding on the reputation of a brand, the value of content marketing, earned media, link building and brand reputation management will only continue growing in the race to drive profitable customer action. Yet there seems to be pressure for PR professionals to not only place stories that boost brand awareness on the most relevant websites but also attain search KPIs such as links, traffic and domain rankings too. The simple fact is - content campaigns with hundreds of links are completely irrelevant unless the exact ROI of those campaigns are clearly measured. [si_guide_block id="5605" title="Download our Premium Resource – Digital marketing strategy guide" description="Our guide is packed with practical, actionable, step-by-step guidance so…

Chart of the Day: Which are the most important skills for you to develop for your future career

In a previous article, I reviewed the most important marketing skills based on the recently published research from The IDM and Smart Insights. In this follow-up I'll drill down to look at specific skills gaps. This first chart is helpful since it highlights the main categories of transferable generic skills which are most important to career progression. This is based on marketers who rated these as very or extremely important. You can see that these include many of the skills topics that we focus on at Smart Insights include strategy and planning, data and insight and, of course, digital marketing. As we say, we look to help our members 'Plan, Manage and Optimize' their digital marketing. The second chart drills down to show more specific skills. You…

Spreadsheets are an essential tool for marketing from advanced calculations for budget forecasts to reviewing marketing KPIs

Every marketer loves data! Whether they are numbers, feedback results or leads, this is what marketers dream about. They say knowledge is power, and that it is.

Importance of spreadsheets in marketing

Whether you’re preparing a report or trying to untangle raw data, working with spreadsheets can be rewarding to your job performance. Not only can it improve your efficiency, it could also speed up your projects. It also improves your insight into your business and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

[si_guide_block id="119542" title="Download our Premium Resource –Using spreadsheets for marketing" description="Spreadsheets are an essential tool for marketing and business today, no matter what your role is. They are incorporated into many aspects of companies; from advanced calculations for budget forecasts to reviewing marketing KPIs, or even making a drinks preference list for staff."/]

Spreadsheets are an essential…

Chart of the day: New research highlights the top marketing skills for career progression

This research is from a report which is a collaboration between Smart Insights and The IDM. Its goal was to help marketers understand the skills needed to improve in their careers and to help employers understand the range of skills they need to develop. Respondents include Smart Insights members, thanks if you took part! This first chart shows the importance based on time spent on current activities by marketers. It shows the wide range of skills needed and highlights the need for marketers looking for new jobs to demonstrate planning, data analysis and project management skills. The second chart is more useful since it highlights the skills gap, comparing the skills that marketers have now against those they aspire to develop in the future. …

Chart of the Day: A summary of the state of digital marketing skills

I thought this infographic from General Assembly was useful for showing specific skills gaps since it isn't based on a survey, rather it is based on a test taken at the end of a digital marketing qualification. We will be sharing research we have done in collaboration with the IDM on the perceptions of marketers to their careers later in the month. The top of the chart shows a skills gap amongst non digital marketing specialists that might be expected since those focusing on digital marketing activities will naturally understand digital concepts better. It is arguable whether corporate marketers need to know the details of techniques like search, display and AB testing. However, they will need to discuss such techniques with their teams, so this does hint at a…

A new type of content discovery platform which allows professionals to improve their knowledge and keep track of quality content in a single feed via a Google Chrome new-tab extension

It’s Monday. Your inbox shows a gazillion emails and most are from blogs you’re subscribed to. You already know that about 90% of them aren’t that relevant to you and that some 9% of them are lack of added value. You pick up your mobile and scroll through the Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter feeds. While scrolling, you see a post about the latest content marketing technique. This post already has 400+ likes, some are your colleagues, but while you skim through the article you say to yourself “why have all these professionals liked this article? It’s full of basic fluff”. These days we are consuming our content mainly through blog subscription and social media. We…

Econsultancy and Harvard Business Review are amongst the most popular

Last month we asked our members and readers what sites they use to keep their marketing knowledge up to date. Respondents were worldwide, many from the UK, US, Canada and Poland, but also extending into the APAC and EMEA areas too. It's no surprise that our own blog outweighed others in popularity - as voters were coming through our blog content to vote. However, the second and third most popular marketing blogs to read were Econsultancy and Harvard Business Review. The blogs provide all levels of marketers, from CEO's to Executives, marketing knowledge and updates in all industries. We also wanted to know any other sites that we didn't feature that are also great sources of knowledge. 'Other' examples include: Zest.is - A Google Chrome extension that collects suggested content from…

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