Upskill yourself and your team to help drive better business performance and ROI

Knowing the latest benchmarks and innovations within digital marketing is a must – but having the knowledge and skills to implement new technologies, software and campaign planning is just as vital. Gaining digital skills is a continuous effort and you should always be ready to learn more and upskill yourself or your marketing team.

At Smart Insights we have a huge library of digital marketing resources to upskill yourself and your team to help you become great marketers.


We recommend you start reviewing your options for skills development with our free marketing skills development guide and template.  It can be used for annual development or performance reviews between managers and team members, and then reviewed during the year. Individual employees can also use it independently for their own development.

Plan summary

Alongside this, we also offer all our members (free and paid) a personalized learning plan to help benchmark their skills. This also provides recommendations on the areas, channels, and tactics that need to be improved.

Our personalized learning plan is another great member’s tool that helps identify gaps in knowledge and helps improve digital marketing for you and your business. It gives tailored recommendations across the RACE Planning Framework to make sure you get the most out of all our resources and know exactly where you need to improve.

Personalised learning plan

We also have a capability grader that helps benchmark business performance and suggest recommendations for improvements across a range of channel marketing.

For Individual and Business members, we also have a comprehensive library of Quick Wins – these are our short and actionable learning modules that take no more than two hours to complete and are very specific to a certain area of marketing. For example, we have:

And many more! The aim of the Quick Wins is to provide busy marketers with a short and practical burst of knowledge to help them with a specific skill or responsibility they need to know quickly.


Business members get all-inclusive access to all our resources, including our more in-depth theoretical e-learning modules, of which our RACE planning system course is CPD accredited.

elearning RACE

With Business Membership, team leaders have access to a team dashboard to help manage the progress of e-learning and the use of our resources by the team to make sure they are achieving their recommended CPD hours. This is to help upskill your team and business performance to see improvement over time.

You can request pricing and a business account demo of resources and the digital marketing skills services we provide by submitting an enquiry here.

We also recommend these member downloads to support skills development: