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A complete guide to using infographics for lead generation [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 11 Apr, 2019
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Creativity and resourcefulness may be the best weapons you can use when it comes to lead generation

Lead generation is a crucial marketing activity as it signals the start of what could be a fruitful relationship with future customers. Unfortunately, leads don’t fall on your lap that easily. Not only are you dealing with competition that will try to be first on your prospects’ radar, but you also need to cater to the changing buying behavior and needs of consumers.

Faced with these challenges, your creativity and resourcefulness may be the best weapons you can use. This is where infographics come in handy. Infographics have an artistic appeal to content consumers as they are rich in visuals that pique your target market’s interest in learning more about your brand and its unique value offer.

Infographics as blog posts

To generate leads with infographics, you can post them as blog posts to make them visible to visitors of your site. Even better, you can optimize your infographic for organic search, as this leads to improvement in your site’s traffic and authority. Don’t forget to promote your infographics as stand-alone content or as part of an exclusive content offer that’s gated with a signup form.

Third-party outreach

Another option you have is to reach out to third-party sites that specialize in content curation. Most website administrators are more than willing to accept guest posts and publish your infographics as long as your topics are relevant to the area of expertise of their site or the interest of their audience.

Beyond these practices, there are several other ways that you can use infographics in generating leads for your marketing and sales teams. By looking at your existing marketing channels, you will see that there’s no limit as to how you can integrate infographics into these platforms.

Social media

First off, social platforms are some of the highest contributing channels to lead generation, with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter taking the top three spots. These sites can then bring you in front of prospects that you can target for lead generation.

Since social savvy consumers are generally receptive to content that involves visuals, having your infographic content on social media is a strategic move. Infographics satisfy the criteria of being a shareable form of content, which makes them great snackable content for social media users. You can further leverage this strategy by including sharing buttons on your infographic posts, so social users can share them with their networks or connections.

Email marketing

You can also distribute your infographic resources via email, which is another powerful marketing channel. In fact, email is credited for being an excellent lead generating tool for B2B companies.

Adding infographic content into your emails may not be standard practice, but you can and should make it part of your strategy. Email recipients are more likely to engage with your marketing message if it makes good use of visuals, instead of the usual plain text format.

Since the sections that make up an infographic are designed to be separate yet complementary to one another, you can make the situation work for you by including bits and pieces of your infographics in your email communications.

Offline channels

Infographics also have a place in offline channels. When participating in trade events, you can distribute brochures, flyers, and other printed marketing materials containing your infographics to your target audience. Again, the visual appeal of infographics and the valuable content they offer should be enough to drive interest and engagement from potential customers.

Using infographics to generate leads may be an unchartered course for you up until this time, but you shouldn’t waste any more chance to start exploring this strategy. To guide you in this area, here’s an infographic that describes the various methods of using infographics in lead generation.

Find out more about how you can use infographics for lead generation with this infographic from Spiralytics.

A Complete Guide to Using Infographics for Lead Generation

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