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Learn best practices to improve your ROI using Google AdWords, Social media and Display ads

Although organic search and social media are really appealing for for gaining visibility and traffic online at low-cost, they are often lacking in control and fiercely competitive.

What's more, the big-six platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube are looking to monetise their platforms, such that they are becoming 'pay-to-play' if you want to maximize visibility and response.

We believe that to maximise the effectiveness of your online marketing, all businesses should review the paid media options available which we feature in detail in our digital media 'cheatsheet'.  If you don't advertise online already, we recommend you start with Google AdWords or Facebook while larger businesses will want to explore the Programmatic options.

Using our proven system is a surefire way to grow your profits quickly.

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The ‘big 6 digital marketing platforms’ have now all established comprehensive advertising options which enable sophisticated targeting for businesses and their agencies to exploit.

But paid media can be bewildering because of all the best practices and options available  as new features are added with ‘cool, but confusing’ names and they are often tweaked regularly. Our digital media cheatsheet, available to Expert member will demystify the techniques keep you up-to-date with the latest changes and also covers other platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest too.

Our AdWords guide gives detailed guidance on optimising AdWords so that you can ask the best questions of your specialists or agencies to help drive ad ROI.

The techniques we cover best practices for include:

  • Google AdWords and Google Display Network
  • Behavioural retargeting to encourage site visitors to return to your site
  • Affiliate marketing for transactional e-commerce sites using affiliate networks
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Social media advertising (see our Social Media toolkit)

Armed with our Paid media Toolkit, the world’s top marketers use our unique approach to develop winning Paid media strategies.

Paid media Toolkit

Includes templates, ready-to-use strategy documents, step-by-step guides and resources that will help you create optimized strategies that deliver HUGE results.

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Adwords Guide

    About this guide

    Our 7 Steps guide will show you all the questions you need to ask to audit and optimise your Google AdWords account.

    Guide structure

    • Step 1: Identify and select your target keyphrases
    • Step 2: Set goals for your paid search
    • Step 3: Improve your campaign structure
    • Step 4: Improve your targeting
    • Step 5: Improving your offer and creative
    • Step 6: Get your bidding and budgeting right
    • Step 7: Optimising paid search to increase ROI
  • Google AdWords campaign planning and optimization template

    About the guide 

    Our practical and actionable template guides you through the creation of your Google AdWords campaigns providing you with the structure you need to succeed. Not only that but you are able to manage your budget and report on the weekly performance of your campaign all in one handy Google spreadsheet.

    What’s inside?

    The template contains 3 working tabs:

    1. Plan your campaigns in a structured way to save you time later
    2. Manage your budget allocation to ensure you are maximising your return
    3. Optimize the campaigns by using your google analytics data to target areas for improvement
  • Paid media
  • Digital Media Options Cheatsheet

    About this resource

    Our popular digital media cheat sheet is aimed at helping Expert members to keep track of the free and paid media options so that they’re not missing out on any of the latest developments. This checklist has a section for Google (organic and AdWords) and the main social networks.

    Guide structure

    This checklist makes it quick to find the latest changes you need to know about across all the main digital marketing platforms:

    • Google: SEO and AdWords
    • Google+
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
  • Affiliate marketing strategy guide

    About the guide

    This guide, by affiliate marketing specialist Graham Jenner with an update by Luca Tagliaferro, explains the opportunities of affiliate marketing. It is aimed at owners or managers of E-commerce sites who are considering setting up an affiliate programme or looking to review their current programme.

    What’s inside?

    The guide contains 7 steps to success with affiliate marketing:

    • Step 1: Starting an affiliate programme
    • Step 2: Setting affiliate programme objectives and KPIs
    • Step 3: Recruiting affiliates
    • Step 4: Auditing and Compliance
    • Step 5: Growing the programme
    • Step 6: Communication and relationship building
    • Step 7: Review new opportunities and advanced approaches
  • Ad Retargeting Guide

    About this guide

    Retargeting has become one of the most popular forms of display advertising since it gives the opportunity to reach prospects who have already interacted with your brand to persuade them to buy when they have left your site.

    This briefing is for you are already running retargeting, not sure how to get started or want to make sure you are doing it right. Constant changes in display advertising mean it is ever more difficult to keep up with the latest technology. Use this seven-step guide to find out how to you could be getting more out of your retargeting campaigns.

    Guide Structure

    • Introduction: What is retargeting?
    • Step 2: Segment your audiences
    • Step 3: Tailor your creative
    • Step 4: Select your retargeting methods
    • Step 5: Choose your retargeting partner
    • Step 6: Implement tracking
    • Step 7: Test and learn
    • Recommended resources
  • Programmatic Marketing Guide

    About this guide

    This briefing explains practical ways to make programmatic marketing more effective. It As with all Smart Insights briefings, it contains recommendations of the key questions you should ask to make the most of the technique. It  also includes examples of actual use cases throughout. The guide will provide you with an introduction to programmatic marketing and RTB and an explanation of why they will form a crucial and large part of advertising strategy in future.

    Guide structure 

    • Step 1: Introduction to programmatic marketing
    • Step 2: Making the business case for programmatic
    • Step 3: Creating a programmatic marketing strategy
    • Step 4: Implementing programmatic
    • Step 5: Selecting a programmatic provider

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