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Using email addresses for re-targeting

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 09 Jun, 2016
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You can do a lot more with your email address list than just email them

Depending on the size of the business you work for, you might have an email list of hundreds, thousands or millions. You already know your email list is valuable because email marketing is one of the most effective channels in terms of ROI. But an email list isn't just for emailing. You can use it for all kinds of clever targeting techniques, to advertise to your customers at the exact moment they may be considering a purchase. Here are some of the options for utilising your email list for targeting ad placement:

Facebook Custom Audiences

Marketers can match their email addresses with those of Facebook and display ads in the main feed and right rail. This is by far the most mature offering, and many companies are doing it already. Facebook will also generate 'look-a-like' audiences for you based on the characteristics of the people in your email address list, so you can target the exact right kind of people for your business.

custom audiences


Similar to the above, you can match email address and get ad placement within a person’s Twitter feed. Twitter calls them 'tailored audiences'.

tailored audiences


LiveIntent allows you to match hashed email addresses with their network of email ad inventory. When a person that you match to both opens an email, you can display your ad in another email program’s message to drive the person to your website or to sign up for the email program again. Rather a smart way to get the most out of your email list.

live intent

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Email addresses can be used to match to cookies and device IDs and stored in a DMP. Once defined, this group can be targeted for addressable display buys across the web.

Google Custom Match

The most recent offering to tie an email address to other channels allows marketers to match their email address with Google’s primary email address for a user (which means that it doesn’t have to be a Gmail address) and connect with that person in Gmail, search and YouTube for inclusion and exclusion.

Google customer match


Don't sit on your email list thinking all you can do with it is send out the odd promotional campaign and newsletter. Customer data is extremely valuable, and the reason why it's so valuable is because it can be utilised for targeting. The average value of an email address is £84.50 according to a study by the Drum. So even if you've only managed to build a list of a few thousand emails, that's still an impressive amount of value. Make sure you make the most of it.

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By Robert Allen

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