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Social Media Management Checklist

A practical checklist to review and improve the returns from social media marketing

This template shows you:

  • What needs to go into your social media plan
  • Setting objectives for social media marketing
  • Practical issues to manage for using all the core social networks
  • Tools to track and manage social media marketing

What does the social media marketing checklist cover?

Our checklist will help you review your approach to managing social media with checklist questions in these 7 key areas:

  • 1 Review your social media capabilities and set goals
  • 2 Devise your social media strategy
  • 3 Set up / update your social media accounts
  • 4 Plan and create your content
  • 5 Increase reach and build followers
  • 6 Evaluation, tracking and optimisation
  • 7 Use content to build email lists/integrate with other marketing

How will the Fast Start checklist help me and my business?

We believe that you need to plan to get the most from social media marketing.

Our social media planning checklist will help get you up to speed with the issues you should think about to create a social media plan and manage your social media updates more effectively. We cover strategy and tactics in much more detail in our other guides on strategy and to each social network, but this template gives you a top-level view of the key activities you should focus on.

Today many companies are using social media tactics by posting updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter. But to make the most of the fantastic opportunity of social media and manage the threats a plan will help you build a communications strategy, content strategy and editorial plan so that your social communications give you the results you need.

Resource Details

  • Author: Carlton Jefferis and Marie Page, The Digiterati
  • Format: A Fast Start checklist of 18 activities to review for better results from social media marketing
  • Related resources: See our Social media marketing hub for all the guides and templates used by Expert members to create a social media strategy and guides to best practices for all the main social media networks.

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