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Social media and content marketing are the top priorities for marketers in 2017

Chart of the day: social media marketing and content marketing budgets are expected to increase more than any other channel in 2017

Marketers were asked to indicate whether particular types of marketing would either stay the same, increase or decrease in a survey of over 3,000 client-side marketing professionals.  The findings show the importance of social, content and personalisation within marketing strategies and budgets.

Personalisation and video marketing are also big priorities for marketers.

Display advertising and paid search are expected to have the biggest decreases (13% each) whilst affiliate marketing budgets are the most likely to stay the same.

Previously we might have expected content marketing to have been top, but social and content are the power duo. This isn't surprising as social media keeps pushing its way to the top of marketing plans. It's also good to see email marketing is at least maintaining the same budget for many, as email provides excellent ROI, but as we have found in previous research it doesn't always get the budget it deserves.

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