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You wrote the perfect piece of new content, but how are you promoting it?

Chart of the Day: How businesses are promoting their content

Content marketing is the mainstay of many marketing strategies for both small and large companies. We can spend hours thinking up a theme our audience would be interested in and once you have found it, more hours are spent writing the content, finding accompanying imagery plus there is the possibility that you will need a little design help to turn your page of words into an ebook, white paper, infographic etc. By the time you have completed your brand new piece of content you have to get to work promoting it so that you can attract as many readers as possible. But how do you do this?

Linkedin and BrightTalk surveyed over 600 survey B2B marketing professionals and found that the most popular channel for promoting their content was through social media. This makes sense as it doesn't require any budget- only the marketer's time but it does also create a more complex situation where more design assets are needed to fit the variety of image size and ratios that exist between each social channel - 1,200 x 630, 1,200 x 717, 440 x 220, 1080 x 1080... you get the idea, the list seems never ending.

The concerning stat is that only 45% consider SEO/Organic search when planning how to promote their content. With just a little knowledge of how SEO works you can generate a significant amount of traffic to your content in both the short and long-term. SEO has the potential to keep your content attracting reader for months if not years, whereas the lifespan of a social post is a couple of days at the most.

If you are not thinking about how you can tailor your content for SEO, while you're in the planning phase of your content creation, take a look at our free guide 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes. This guide will give you a good understanding how SEO works and how you can make the most of this free* traffic source.

*SEO isn't really free as you need to put the time and effort into making it work, but you don't have to pay out additional budget like with Google AdWords.



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