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Research reveals main social traffic sources for UK corporate sites

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 20 Nov, 2013
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But search and direct visits dominate...

The role of social media in driving visits to transactional sites like retail and travel if often documented. Research on corporate sites is more limited, so in this post we summarise research from a provider of corporate sites.

The Investis IQ Insight Audience Q3 2013 analyses 2 million visits across 60 corporate websites and nearly 7 million views per month. They sample includes a range of companies, by size and sector across the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, Small CAP and AIM companies and a small section from Europe.

The report highlights where there has been the greatest change over two years, and is aimed at companies who wish to ensure that their 'digital communications reflects the needs of their corporate audience'.

Overall importance of social media

The findings show that social media has the least impact on driving traffic to corporate websites; 54% is driven by search and 28% direct, which could be a result of companies focusing more on brand awareness campaigns.


Breakdown of social media sharing

In terms of the impact of social media, it highlights that 1.5% of visitors is driven by social media.


LinkedIn dominates driving 64% of the social media traffic and Twitter usage for corporate comms has risen by over 300% during a two year period, as more companies have a Twitter presence.


To go beyond this summary, you can download Investis's IQ Research report.

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