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Creativity and resourcefulness may be the best weapons you can use when it comes to lead generation

Lead generation is a crucial marketing activity as it signals the start of what could be a fruitful relationship with future customers. Unfortunately, leads don’t fall on your lap that easily. Not only are you dealing with competition that will try to be first on your prospects’ radar, but you also need to cater to the changing buying behavior and needs of consumers. Faced with these challenges, your creativity and resourcefulness may be the best weapons you can use. This is where infographics come in handy. Infographics have an artistic appeal to content consumers as they are rich in visuals that pique your target market’s interest in learning more about your brand and its unique value offer.

Infographics as blog posts

To generate leads with infographics, you can post them…

Landing page examples and best practice advice

Discussion of web design in companies who don't know the power of landing pages still often focuses on the home page. But savvy companies know that custom landing pages are essential to maximise conversion of leads when using inbound marketing techniques like SEO, AdWords and social media to drive visitors to a site. So this prompts the question, which factors make for the most effective landing page? Is a 'Perfect Landing Page' possible? This post gives a summary of my top 12 tips and places to look to find more examples. - an example of the evolution of the Perfect Landing Page?

To illustrate these tips, I'm going to use an example I've used in training many years - it's the B2B lead generation page for its CRM service targeting searchers who are looking for CRM systems. The landing pages illustrate many good practices. I've marked up what I…

Here are some of the most effective strategies for social media lead generation for B2B businesses...

When most think of social media lead generation for B2B businesses, they think LinkedIn. However, as great as LinkedIn is at B2B lead generation, it’s not the only social platform that can get you great results. In this blog post, we’re going to be covering tips for how to improve social media lead generation for B2B business.

Why use social media for lead generation?

Lead generation is an essential part of a healthy, thriving B2B business. And social media presents an amazing opportunity to find leads; with around 2.62 billion social media users worldwide in 2018 and that number expected to grow up to 3.02 billion in 3 years, it’s the biggest directory of potential leads that exists. But it’s not just the sheer number of users that makes social media an attractive lead generation solution. Social media…

Benchmark your B2B lead gen activities against new research, which shows lead quality is the most prominent challenge for businesses

The State of B2B Lead Generation, a new report by Digital Doughnut, shines a light on the pain points of lead generation campaigns, helping to benchmark your activities in order to succeed. Before taking a look at the performance of content types, it's vital to understand the maturity of your B2B lead gen campaigns. 1,042 marketers were asked to rate the maturity of different lead generation activities. 54% were confident in their capabilities stating that their content production and development was either "very advanced" or "quite advanced"."Very basic" activities include data verification and validation, measuring ROI and transferring data between CRMs. The data shows that businesses still struggle with advanced lead gen activities. Not utilizing the opportunities available to you leads to…

How to generate better sales leads that lead to conversion

Many B2B sales organizations get bogged down with too many bad sales leads. Salespeople are often crying out for “more sales leads” but “more” is not always better! Instead of just indiscriminately dumping more and more leads into the top of your sales funnel, you need to think more carefully about what a “good” sales lead really looks like for your company. Too many “bad” sales leads are sometimes worse than having no sales leads at all – because they cause your sales team to waste time chasing after buyers who aren’t truly the right fit or who aren’t anywhere close to being ready to buy. Here are a few common root causes of the "bad leads" problem, and how to address it:

1. Your website is too vague

Most B2B sales companies…

Chart of the Day: Marketing provide lower quality leads compared to those sourced directly by the sales reps

A Sales and Marketing SLA is important, but as we found out last week 21% of respondents characterize their company's Sales and marketings relationship as either misaligned or 'don't know'. But how often do marketing teams provide their sales team with quality leads? Not as often as they find their own. 38% of respondents said that leads sources by sales are the top source of sales, 33% say referrals are the top source of sales and only 25% of respondents believe leads sourced by marketing are their top source of sales. Sales respondents in organizations with an SLA between Marketing and Sales felt differently. Those respondents ranked marketing-sourced leads highest. Thanks to alignment, which sets clear expectations on the types of leads Marketing should provide and a feedback loop between departments, these sales…

Leads are only as good as your ability to know how to calculate their value

Lead generation isn’t as popular as other acquisition channels such as Straight Sale, CPC, CPI or CPA. Why? Because most people struggle to understand two important things: How to do it properly How to calculate its value In this article, you’ll learn how to overcome these two obstacles and discover the information helping companies dominate their markets.

 How to do lead generation properly

 Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has some excellent advice. He says: “We don’t make money when we sell things. We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions.” This is the most important thing to master if you want to do lead generation well. You must be customer centric. Move away from a transactional mindset. Instead, think about repeat, retention-based sales. Doing this dramatically increases the lifetime value of…

Practical content marketing and profiling techniques to identify senior decision makers

Senior decision makers are increasingly reluctant to hand over their contact details when exploring potential solutions. You may have noticed how busy managers often omit their phone numbers from their email sigs! At the same time, the explosion in content marketing with the availability of detailed information online in a range of formats has enabled those seeking to use your products or services to carry out extensive research on you independently without booking a demo. There is now little need to book a demo, take a trial or speak to a salesperson when so much content exists online to inform their decision. Whilst these prospects are carrying out their due diligence research at distance, others who are at a much earlier stage of the buying cycle are seeking content that will inform and educate them. Whitepapers, videos, thought-leadership pieces and research are standard fare in any…

Disscussing the advantages and pitfalls out outsourcing your lead gen

Do we outsource or keep in-house? That is the question. Let me specify in advance that by outsourcing lead generation I mean transferring the whole process to an outside supplier. You set goals and in turn, you get leads. In this chapter, I shall not speak about any intermediate steps such as pay per click campaigns, landing generation, or outgoing calls without clear results. After all, they have no guarantee that you will reap any potential customers.

Actually, the decision of whether to outsource searching and attracting potential customers is not a matter of cost. Total expenses per employee are significantly higher for a company than just salaries, as this includes taxes, office space, a workstation, IT, holidays, sick-leaves, etc. As a result, the price of outsourcing is comparable to the cost of keeping your work in-house.

An example of separating the Wheat from the Chaff and Why BANT isn't dead

Lead qualification criteria are characteristics that help to classify a lead by the degree of its willingness and readiness to buy. As a result of this qualification, one can distinguish, in terms of making a purchase, the leads with the most and least potential: hot, warm, and cold. In lead generation there are usually two stages of qualification: marketing and sales qualification. The first one is done by a team responsible for a marketing activity. The sales qualification is done to confirm the information from a sales perspective. Ideally, a number of marketing and sales qualified leads must coincide. If a sales department rejects lots of leads, you most likely need to correct your marketing qualification criteria or to add a new criterion. Of course, sometimes it happens that the criteria are correct, but a sales department determines, through reasons…

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