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You need landing pages - great, high-performing landing pages that convert a high percentage of visitors.

You need to capture leads. You need customers. In other words: you need landing pages. Great, high-performing landing pages that convert a high percentage of visitors. But consider this: The average conversion rate of landing pages is 2.35%. How can you create your landing page to exceed this average and convert at a far higher conversion rate? For instance, how can you be in the top 10 achieving 11.45% and above? To start with, you need to follow landing page best practices to make sure you’re starting with great a design – that’s one of the most important steps in developing a high-converting page. [si_guide_block id="5690" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – 7 steps to creating high-converting landing pages" description="The guide has over…

Having a poorly optimized landing page can turn down visitors’ eagerness to find out more about your product

Landing pages are the place where an interested visitor turns into a lead and you need to design it very carefully. Many companies hold back on developing their landing pages because they assume everyone who visits a landing page are certain to become leads. Conversion is a long process that consists of many parts: emails, banners, ads, lead magnets, blog posts, infographics -- you know all the things. You probably have thought out your conversion funnels carefully from top to bottom, and that’s good for you. However, if you slack out on your landing page you’ll risk wasting the effort you’ve spent on building a marketing funnel. Let me explain.

Why are landing pages so important?

As mentioned earlier, landing pages are the focal…

Create a perfect landing page that converts viewers into customers

Those in the online business may be aware of the benefits of a well-designed landing page. As a goal conversion tactic, a landing page is an effective marketing tool that can help grab the attention of your target audience, helping you increase the conversion rate of your varied marketing campaigns. Mostly, a landing page is created to; Generate targeted leads. Increase email list subscribers. Boost social media followers. Or to increase the sale of a particular product. From a perspective of increasing conversion, it makes sense to direct traffic to a dedicated landing page that provides a predefined action rather than a general web page on your website. As such, if you want to generate better leads that convert then it is essential that you create a landing page when running a marketing campaign.

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If there’s one thing CROs could use more of, it’s psychology.

I’m all for testing crazy ideas. It’s how some of the most counterintuitive and surprising discoveries are made. But we still need to build our landing pages on a solid foundation, and since it’s human behavior that our landing pages are attempting to influence, psychology is central to that foundation. There’s no shortage of articles about psychology marketing out there, but I wanted to share three powerful ideas that I don’t think get enough attention in these discussions. Let’s take a look.

1. Single Option Aversion

You’ve probably heard of “the paradox of choice”, the theory that if you are presented with too many options, you are less likely to make a decision. Well, it turns out that most experiments attempting to replicate that effect don’t actually find it. The effect may be real, but it seems to only occur in idiosyncratic circumstances that…

Learn the best practices for landing page optimization to help generate quality leads for SaaS

Landing pages are the heart of any inbound marketing campaign, mainly because they have the unique ability to convert complete strangers into qualified leads. Surprisingly, 44% of B2B companies direct visitors to their website's homepage rather than to a specific landing page.

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Perhaps this can explain why according to the latest State of Inbound 2017 report, the majority of marketers still struggle with generating new leads for their businesses. Building a well-designed and optimized landing page is one viable way to help your SaaS business overcome this marketing challenge.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specially designed page where you direct your visitors…

How to make your landing pages generate more revenue

Do you want to sell more? Or capture relevant targeted leads? Then you need to work on your landing pages to ensure they are working hard enough for you. Today we are going to talk about landing page optimization tips. More specifically we are going to talk about the steps we can take to improve conversions after a visitor has landed on your target page. We want to get him to take the step we have identified as the goal for that particular landing page. To be able to measure conversion, we first need to identify what conversion is in the first place. According to this Google AdWords page: Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total ad clicks that can be tracked to a conversion during the same time period. For example, if you…

Use these landing page creation and testing tools to optimise the conversion rates of your landing pages

Lead generation is a key goal of digital marketing in many sectors. By testing landing page layout, headlines and copy you can increase lead volume and thus potentially sales using cost-effective techniques. By hosting test pages on the servers of suppliers you should be able to bypass the need for agency or IT department involvement to get test up-and-running rapidly. The tools listed in this post will help you design and test pages which improve the conversion rate to lead. SmartInsights has no relationship with any of these tools, we just want to help readers looking to utilise landing page testing tools by pointing them to quality providers.

Key things to consider before purchasing and using these tools:

Ease of use of setting up tests Integration with CRM systems you use or plan to use …

Litmus, Liveclicker and Unbounce speak on conversion optimisation for ecommerce

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be a very complex creature – particularly when it comes to optimising ecommerce sites and campaigns using Email marketing to engage our audience. The opinions in this article focus on email marketing. A common theme is that during the process of optimisation we need to put our subjective opinions aside, create some robust hypothesis-based upon data and insights and try to start optimising for the biggest wins first – not always an easy task. So we asked three of our expert speakers from our email marketing summit the following question: “So many channels, so many aspects of a campaign to test. What’s your key piece of advice that you would provide to increase conversions for an ecommerce site?” Dave Holland, European Regional Director of Liveclicker and expert presenter, gives us his…

Are you really getting the most value from your landing page?

While businesses often focus on getting the word out to consumers, they often fail to give the same attention to setting up the best trail of breadcrumbs. Landing pages are key to conversion, and if your snappy email sends people to a confusing or bland landing page, good luck getting anyone to answer your call to action. To create a better landing page and improve your conversion rates, you must understand the challenges in front of you, recognize your areas of weakness, and implement a data-based strategy to overcome your flaws.

Common Landing Page Mistakes

The modern Internet user has an attention span of about eight seconds. If your page requires too much focus from your site’s visitors, you’ll struggle to convince them to do anything but close the page and go elsewhere. For every second your page takes to load, say goodbye…

What a high converting landing page needs

Being a digital marketer is simple. All that’s required is to get people to do exactly what you want them to do. That is: act. That act may be as basic as wanting them to click on a CTA button to “learn more.” The act may be a tad more complex, like getting someone to share their personal information with you. Or, the act might be transactional (i.e. getting a customer to buy your stuff).    Unfortunately, getting a person to do what you want, be it online or in person, is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Some might say, darn near impossible. Among the many powerful tools a digital marketer can enlist to aid in his/her effort to get someone to take action, the most effective is a dedicated page for a…