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Sharing content early or deleted pages still indexing can affect your site rankings. Here's how to remove your content from Google

Having written a lot of blogs around how to get your website rank higher on Google, we’re not surprised when we are asked this question: "How can I remove my site, or a part of it, from Google?" If you’re scratching your head trying to get yourself to rank higher, this question might puzzle you. Although, your being here implies you’re actually scratching your head for the opposite reason. [si_guide_block id="5750" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Successful SEO guide" description="Our comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation best practices isn't just for SEOs, the clear explanations mean that it can be used by marketers to ask the right questions to boost their SEO."/] For the uninitiated, there are a number of reasons why you might want to delist your content from Google, including: Some information…

Progressive e-commerce brands are now rushing to leverage new gen functionality to create a highly visual shopping experience for customers

Image searches may still constitute a fraction of the total search volume on Google. But visual-heavy social media networks are already a "favourite" among avid shoppers. According to Pinterest  – a platform where an estimated 600 million monthly searches are performed through the visual Lens functionality  –  the majority of users come to the platform in a buying-state-of-mind. Some 87% of users said that the platform helped them make a purchase decision, 93% use Pinterest to plan purchases and an average shopper referred from Pinterest spends $50 per order. [si_guide_block id="5750" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Successful SEO guide" description="Our comprehensive guide to Search Engine Optimisation best practices isn't just for SEOs, the clear explanations mean that it can be used by marketers to…

Social communities are the new conversion tools on the market

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool that can affect your conversion rate significantly. Done right, you’ll be hitting your goal conversion rate in no time. However, there are tricks of every trade, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are not the most effective conversion tools anymore. So how about building your own personal social community? Driving traffic is not enough, you need the right tools to charm those visitors and turn them into customers. [si_quick_block id="49146" title="Digital media options cheatsheet" description="Use our cheatsheet to quickly see how social media platforms have changed over time and a detailed list of their capabilities."] Building your own social community will strengthen the relationship with your existing customers and affect the conversion rate significantly. Ultimately you will have more ways to engage with your customers and relevancy of your conversions.  Check out a few ways the…

Examples and tools for building in social proof for retail and travel websites

We all, in varying degrees, look to others for advice and reassurance to reduce risk and uncertainty. In everyday life, as well as when online shopping. Often, without even realizing, we’re gently nudged along on the customer journey with social proof. This can start with something as simple as liking an Instagram post, clicking on the link in bio, followed by a trip to the website, shopping cart and straight through check-out, faster than we can say #microinfluencer. ‘The social proof heuristic is a psychological and social phenomenon whereby we, as consumers, look for behavioural guidance when we’re unsure, or in an unclear, unfamiliar, or ambiguous situation.  The greater the number of people who find any idea correct, the more a given individual will perceive the idea to be correct.’  Robert Cialdini PhD…

Discover how AWA digital defied "best practice" to drive up conversion rates for a global car rental company

Discover Car Hire, a fast-growing car rental comparison and booking site, came to conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency AWA digital for help increasing the profitability of their website. To Discover Car Hire, "profitability" meant an increase to both conversion rates and average revenue per session (RPS). Car rental sales are always important, but most of the RPS boost came from their highly profitable upsells, so maximizing uptake of these was key to getting the best ROI. Using their proven methodology, AWA started the deep research that defines its process before creating a roadmap of hypotheses and split tests. The typical user journey through the Discover Car Hire site was similar to most other car rental companies: Home/landing page to enter…

CRO is an underrepresented specialty in today’s marketing industry and because of a general lack of understanding about the field of work, it often loses out

I attend and speak at some of the best digital marketing conferences all over the world and I can count on one hand, the number of sessions I’ve seen that offered quality content about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This marketing specialization always seems to fly under the radar in marketing circles. [si_guide_block id="27373" title="Download our Premium Resource – Website conversion optimization planner" description=Plan structured tests and experiments to improve results from your site"/] Yes, there are a number of great websites and resources dedicated to CRO. There are also some excellent CRO-specific conferences out there and I’ve attended most of them - but the real problem is this: The only people talking about conversion rate optimization are CRO experts at CRO conferences and CRO bloggers on CRO-specific websites.…

Essential CRO and SEO advice for small new e-commerce businesses

In the past couple of years, we have seen a boom in e-commerce websites that have managed to sell their products without necessarily bringing something new to the table. But e-commerce is a growing sector that will continue to see increases in the coming years. That only means one thing: the competition will grow exponentially in the future. Millions of websites sell their products in the online medium, using its accessibility and ease of use to draw the attention of customers. This will make innovation a necessity. In this highly competitive world, your product landing page and presentation can make or break your business. Learning how to optimize it for both your consumers and search engines is vital to thriving in the crowded market of e-commerce. A great product is just half the battle. The rest is making sure that the entire world…

10 simple test ideas for your B2B website, to increase conversions and improve the user experience, through user testing

User testing is the process of testing elements of a website to improve conversion, sales and revenues, as well as overall improving the user experience which brings for mentioned benefits. Being familiar with user testing is only half the battle, what do you test to make changes to improve the user experience for your customers?

Introduction to user testing

[si_quick_block id="111363" title="How to do Website User Testing to increase conversions" description="Explore reasons to do user testing, how to create a hypothesis for a test, and how to pitch user testing to your manager. We will also cover practical steps on how to write test scripts, how to carry out user testing, how to analyse results and how to interpret those results to make change happen."/]

In our new Quick Win - 10 things you…

Apply the customer-centric methodology that has doubled the sales of many websites

When we first launched Smart Insights nearly ten years ago, we chose a brand name that hinted at the power of using a data-driven approach for businesses to get more from their online marketing. For even longer, I personally have had a passion for helping businesses learn about the latest digital analytics techniques and best practices through my training, consulting and writing. Since we launched, in our member resources, I and our expert contributors have worked hard to share best practices with our members on using digital analytics with the aim of increasing their conversion rates. At the same time, we have worked hard to improve our member onboarding experiences and increase our own conversion rates to our free and premium memberships    So I’m delighted to review Making Websites Win, a…

AWA digital helped Xero Shoes increase conversions and reduce return rates by split-testing sizing guide copy

Minimalist footwear company Xero Shoes came to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) agency AWA digital wanting to increase the conversion rate from their e-commerce website, which was already performing well. Using a data-driven CRO methodology that has evolved over 9 years (see figure below), AWA analysed over a million data points, cross-referencing findings to form test ideas. Through surveys, live usability testing, and quantitative data analysis, it became clear that one of the main concerns for users was finding the correct shoe size. While sizing is a common concern with apparel and shoe companies, Xero Shoes presented a unique opportunity as their sizing process had to accommodate the innovative minimalist footwear designs…

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