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Which are the most popular content marketing tactics used by UK Marketers?

We are all working to exploit the ''content marketing revolution' and are feeling the pressure of keeping up with fresh, engaging content. The Content Marketing Institute's report reminded us that there is continued growth to increase this year in the UK as 76% of Marketers are using content marketing more than they did last year, regardless of the challenge of resources to produce sufficient, engaging content. Content marketing was used by 88% of respondents, perhaps a misleading figure since the survey was completed by the Content Marketing Institute. Source: Content Marketing Institute, 2014 Benchmarks, Budget and Trends report

What's behind the growth in content marketing?

Are we realising the ROI as we can measure the impact of content marketing on our…

Is Content Marketing Headed for a Tech Revolution?

Are you ready for the fourth wave of content marketing? According to Scott Brinker: “the fourth wave of content marketing, now emerging, is the proliferation of interactive content with responsive web marketing apps.” In Scott’s ebook, The New Brand of Marketing Scott argues that marketing is now a technical discipline where art gives way to code. Whereas that might sound like a huge leap, it’s got to be worth hearing out and this article introducing it is a great read, I’ll summarise and expand on this below.

So what are the three waves preceding this?

We know content marketing is pretty popular and interest in it has grown dramatically in the last couple of years…. So what’s the story of the first wave? If we agree to share the waves view that in the chart above? The…

10+ tips to plan, build and share more engaging quizzes

This New York Times article highlights the reasons behind the growing popularity in online quizzes amongst consumers. Quizzes are great fun and can be an excellent way to drive traffic, but not all quizzes are created equal. There is a certain art to building and distributing a quiz that must be perfected in order to maximize the effect of your efforts. After analyzing over 1000 quizzes built using Interact, here’s what I’ve learned.

Building a quiz

1. Get the name right

80% of people make a decision about whether or not they should check out an article based on the title. That’s why you should spend a minimum of 20% of your time researching and testing out headlines. When Upworthy first began their rise to power, they became famous for their '25 Headline' approach, in which…

Can content marketing software ease the pain?

A new technology report by Rebecca Lieb at Altimeter has just been launched evaluating the software landscape for content marketing. You might read that as a “not for me” - doesn't sound too exciting at first glance, but we'd suggest that it might be worth re-thinking that stance.

The $44Bn market: Content marketing is big and complex

Now valued at a whopping $44Bn, the creation and promotion of customer or branded content remains on a huge growth trajectory, and yet Altimeter finds 70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy - marketers still have a scattergun approach to content. “Content is the atomic particle of all marketing” Rebecca Lieb [note: Seth Godin also said content was marketing’s last stand about 2–3 years ago] The reality is that marketing is now a complex process, it involves multiple stakeholders throughout the organisation, outside agencies and suppliers, and multiple channels…

6 Essential steps to create a content marketing plan

Last Friday, Stephen Bateman took us through his 6 Steps to creating a content marketing plan in the latest Smart Insights-BrightTALK  Digital Marketing Priorities 2013 webcast. At the end of this post we share the deck and recording as requested. We again had some really interesting questions on the webcast - thanks for those! We covered the majority of them at the time, but Stephen has picked out 3 questions where we thought his answers would be of general interest.

Resourcing content marketing - should we use content curation?

Question: If we don't have enough content experts in-house to create well-rounded content, do you suggest we link to other sources from our site, or should we pay outside sources to create content for us? Answer: Yes, linking to other sources is known as curating content and is a widely used approach to present yourself as an authority…

Tools for managing the content marketing process

In 2013, content marketing is receiving more attention than ever and there are a growing number of tools to manage it. We thought this infographic by Content Amp provides a nice visualisation of different types of tools to help manage how content is accessed, shared and analysed. Although it's a little overwhelming, we think the top-level groupings of technologies are useful if you're reviewing the tools and process you use to manage your content marketing. …