Thanks to Google and its various projects during 2018, we have a whole list of things that can help improve and elevate the status of your e-commerce brand

The relentless growth in the sector of digital marketing and business in the form of e-commerce has vastly affected the process of website design and development. In the world of e-commerce, the development of a platform is user-specific and depends on the latest advancement in the domain of online shopping. To deliver an extraordinary and up-to-date experience to customers, web architects need to keep check the e-commerce website design every now and then and change it accordingly. [si_guide_block id="22067" title="Download our Premium Resource – Website design and build briefing template" description="We’ve created this template to help client-side digital marketing and Ecommerce managers brief a website design and build project to either an in-house team or to a digital/web design partner."/] Thanks to Google and its various…

Chart of the Day: Which resolutions of web browsers should you target when testing new website designs?

If you have ten people in a room together, chances are high that most of them will have different device types that use a different browser and have a different screen size. This is why it is important to be aware of screen resolutions and the devices your prospects and customers are using. The quality of experience you deliver through your website can vary greatly depending on how well your design works at different resolutions. Due to the countless resolutions that exist across the same screen size, designers use viewports to help create mobile-friendly pages. Viewports are scaled down versions of resolutions that allow sites to be viewed more consistently across different devices.

The tables below show the most popular screen resolutions and viewports for both Apple and Android products:

These are what some of the biggest websites looked like 20 years ago and you won't believe it...

Since the World Wide Web was invented in 1990 designers and web developers have been constantly working to improve its original clunky basic text design into a simple, fast and eye-catching user experience. Check out some of these amazing web design transformations from the past 20 years!

1. Smart Insights

Smart Insights is only 8 years old, but we wanted to highlight the design transformations we've gone through. The site originally started as a blog as seen on the home page in 2010. It's evolved into a marketing publisher - keeping its roots in content, but now offering premium services and elearning for members.




2. YouTube


Standing out online is not a question of quick fixes. It’s a question of mindset

Web design sits at the core of a site’s success. It communicates the substance of what you do and why anyone should care. Peel back the veneer of a lot of sites and you’ll be surprised by how many fail to do either. More people are online than ever. Standing out online is not a question of quick fixes. It’s a question of mindset. There are now nearly 200 million active websites, and over 3.5 billion internet users. Yet the average user visits less than 100 sites each month. That all adds up to a lot of competition. The internet is busy on a level we can barely conceive, and only so many sites can rise above the bustle and have their voices heard. Modern resources mean just about anyone can make a website, which is great.…

Graphic design is one of the most important components of any successful marketing campaign

The right design does everything from establishing credibility with the audience to strengthening brand messaging, and using the right combination of design elements - like color, typography, and layout - can mean the difference between a marketing campaign converting like crazy or completely falling flat. While there are some evergreen design rules that you’ll always want to follow, for the most part, graphic design is a constantly evolving medium. What worked yesterday might not work today, and if you want to drive maximum results with your marketing campaigns, you need to stay on top of the trends and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of graphic design. Which brings us to the question: which graphic design trends should you follow in 2018 to knock your marketing campaigns out of the park? [si_guide_block…

Which of these design elements are you using to enhance your web experience and conversion?

If you're launching a new site or refreshing an existing site it's important to ensure your site looks contemporary and appealing. Since website design styles and technologies change so rapidly, can quickly appear dated. A site that meets your business goals, communicates your key messages and provides a great experience is most important as explained in the Smart Insights guide to improving results from your website. But to design a successful web site, it is also essential to know what trends are emerging and what elements are important to consider. Surely, different web pages are created for different purposes, so they will not, probably, have much in common. However, there will be certain generally used elements that can be added to a webpage to make it more successful. Here is a checklist of features to consider.

1.Sizeable and…

The best Christmas Website designs and landing pages of 2017

Christmas time is upon us and if you’re a retailer, then I’m willing to bet that you have put up some Christmas decorations somewhere. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, then you might have a tree up with some presents underneath. After all, you’re in the Christmas spirit and you want your shoppers to be in a jolly mood while browsing around your shop. Your website should be no different! Getting your browsers into the Christmas spirit is essential, after all, the more festive they are the happier they are, and the happier they are the more likely they are to purchase your products.

[si_guide_block id="22141" title="Download Business Resource – Web design project plan template " description="Ensure you plan the key marketing activities for your new site project."/]

There are lots of strategies out there for you to use this Christmas to motivate…

Should you create a separate site and which content do you need?

In our experience, you should think carefully before creating a new product launch or campaign site if you have already got a company website. You may already have your own website that incorporates essential company information. In this case, you have the decision of whether to create a dedicated site or integrate it into your existing site. [si_guide_block id="100244" title="Download Premium Resource – Product launch Playbook" description="Launch a product using RACE planning to structure your marketing activities. A marketing playbook defines the key messages, types of communications, best practices and optimisation techniques that should be used to maximise return-on-investment for different marketing objectives."/] In most cases, using an existing site will be most cost-effective and a well-designed existing site will have the flexibility to create the impact you need.

Advantages of using an existing site for your new product launch

Think about your website design. Do your customers like it? Why do they use it? What emotions does your website logo evoke?

Perceptions are unique and critical. They are virtually snap judgements. It takes only 50 microseconds for us to get an impression about a web page and sometimes only 17 ms according to Google’s research. The user interface of your website determines the perception of your brand, because 94% of the overall perception is design driven. More than just being well built, a website should be a form of visual art. It should naturally combine the science of aesthetics and your business principles. What should a pleasant interface structure look like? Let us consider the psychology of shapes and their influence on your visitors.

Psychology of logos

How customers view logo shapes

They say that logo is king in your website design. Is that really so? Logo is practically a word that stands for…

6 examples showing the power of parallax-based designs to engage and impress at the same time

Parallax scrolling is undoubtedly one of the most popular recent web design trends that first surfaced several years ago and is still common on certain types of site. Parallax gives a visual effect to add a feeling of depth to the visual presentation of content or projects. Parallax is the effect that we can come around on a daily basis. Just pay attention to the way everything moves around while driving a car. The clouds in the sky appear to move at a slower pace than the houses and trees in the foreground. That is how the technique is achieved in the natural environment. Have you ever thought about this? Impressive, right? However, that's not the point of this article. Since all of us are involved in online marketing and web design, let's find out how to use the parallax scrolling effect…

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