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How are businesses carrying out marketing attribution?

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 05 Jun, 2017
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Chart of the Day: Many clients and agencies aren't using Martech tools for marketing attribution.

Attribution isn't very glamorous. But it's critical to evaluating ad spend, proving ROI and optimizing your marketing mix to get the most bang for your buck.

Because of this, marketers should be using the best technologies available to help them attribute marketing effectiveness as accurately as possible. But research by Adroll shows that shockingly almost half of agencies and close to half of clients are using spreadsheets and manual attribution processes, rather than using vendor technology or an independent third party.

This report also shows where marketers are using tech for attribution, it's overwhelmingly vendor technology. This tech can be useful, but as recent analytics errors at Facebook have shown, it can result in over-reporting. Third party attribution tools can provide a less biased picture, although these can't be used for certain platforms which are 'walled gardens' where the vendor controls the metrics and analysis.

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By Robert Allen

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