Social media thrives on interaction; are you doing all you can to engage your audience?

Did you know that gained more than 50 million unique monthly visitors within just 10 months of launching the site? How did they do it? Two words: Interactive content!  Social networks have been around for quite a few years now, and they are buzzing with activity more than ever. Making it in the unforgiving environment of virtual social hoops and loops continually inspire action and engagement. Since your e-survival depends on it, we have put together a list of seven creative ways to improve your social media engagement.

1.   Ask Questions (Creatively)

The best and most straightforward way to strike a conversation is to ask questions. However (it being so obvious) you need to be creative. The secret to success is not in the question but in the way you deliver it to your audience! For instance, if…

Using quizzes to drive e-commerce sales

Social media is a tricky too to apply. You can use social networks to engage your fans, conduct discussions or ask for the opinions, but at the same time it may be really hard to get a real profit out of your audience. Very often marketers are getting excited with ideas that are highly interactive, unfortunately, they lack it terms business sense. In this article I will show you how to create quizzes for social networks that will not only engage your users but also improve your sales.

Why quizzes?

Take a look at this infographic with 6 interesting quiz statistics to discover the potential of the quizzes:

First advantage: Personalization

Personalization is one of the most important triggers that can help to increase your sales. Consider an e-commerce site where the content that is shown…

Examples showing how to use quizzes to boost your email sign ups

If you've worked in marketing for more than ten minutes, you know that generating fresh leads is the backbone of everything that happens in the marketing world. In this article I'm going to look at how quizzes, those viral, shareable, pieces of content, can be turned into lead generation machines that feed the top of your sales funnel. To better understand how quizzes can build your email list, we are going to follow the process of three companies whose quizzes combined to bring in 5,570 new email leads. We'll look at the exact method each marketer used to formulate these quizzes and we'll walk away with actionable ways you can create your own quizzes for lead generation.

Step 1. What to make a quiz about

Before you do anything, you need a subject to create your quiz on. To learn more on…