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Unravel your customer journeys with Google Analytics clickstream analysis on forward and reverse paths

I don't know whether you have heard of the forward and reverse path clickstream analysis technique? It's a shame path analysis isn't so well known as say funnel analysis, since it's a strong analysis technique to help understand customer journeys on a site to identify inefficiencies. Clickstream analysis can be used to review the quality and value of your REACH marketing activities, as well as informing crucial decision-making in the ACT and CONVERT stage of your customer conversion strategy. [si_monthly_campaign_blog_cta_banner id=156432]

What is clickstream analysis?

Clickstream analysis is the strategic analytical activity of reviewing the order of URLs visited and the actions taken during your customers' journeys on your site. By analyzing their forward and reverse 'path' you can track patterns and trends in your conversion funnel, towards your goals. In Google Analytics, use the "Navigation Summary" for paths…

Chart of the week: Only 2% of marketers have integrated all processes throughout their marketing funnel.

Creating a funnel that ticks all the boxes is a vital part of marketing. Your funnel should attract, nurture, qualify and convert, leading customers through to the checkout as seamlessly as possible in order to get the best conversion rates. Unfortunately, few funnels are completely perfect. Most of us will find that our marketing funnel isn’t performing as well as we might like, with at least one section causing issues at any one time. While you can work to deal with these problem areas, it’s unlikely that all the issues will be solved. More often than not, this friction between sections of the funnel is caused by how integrated all your process are. Poor integration will naturally slow other process and see your overall results impacted. Currently, according…