Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool, often offering a return of 30 times your initial investment. But, like any tool, it can only work well when handled expertly

Whatever your choice of marketing tool may be, the main aim is bound to involve maximizing the return on your business earnings. Email marketing is no different. After all, you are in business to make a profit, and who doesn’t want their venture to be as successful as possible? If you’re new to email marketing or, indeed, marketing in general, you may still be getting used to the various acronyms and buzzwords that tend to fly around. So, let’s start with explaining precisely what a ‘return on investment’ (ROI) means.

It's all about ROI

The world of business, no matter which industry you are in, is very fond of acronyms, buzzwords, management-speak, and all manner of jargon. This is great when you are embedded…

Chart of the day: Email marketing tips to innovate your strategy

When it comes to email marketing, there’s always some discussion about its relevance as a digital marketing channel, in the fast-paced world of instant messaging and social media. However, each time it comes out as a winner in the debate. Email platforms can be used to deliver specific, personalised and prolonged marketing communications to your user-base, making it vital for marketers to use this channel to its full potential and innovate their email marketing strategy. A recent chart on MarketingCharts shows the various different ways in which companies want to innovate their email marketing strategy in 2018, as compared to 2017. Creative use of behavioural triggers, use of dynamic content and automation to trigger one-to-one communication are right up there, as more than 50% of  to try these creative…

See the latest email marketing and automation statistics to help benchmark your current performance and plan improvements

We've recently updated our State of email marketing report, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Excellence report 2018, in partnership with GetResponse. This year's report shares some interesting findings from an analysis based on over 500 respondents working in a senior position across B2C, B2B or both. Use our findings to help benchmark your current performance and map digital improvements. Throughout the report, we highlight the features businesses should try and start implementing straight away, whilst exploring how current marketing automation is used in the industry. The report covers a range email marketing and automation results, challenges and use of features, including: Investment in Email Marketing Evaluation and tracking Targeting Communication strategy Testing and optimization Open and CTRs based on industry Lead generation Read our summary below, or download the full report today, for free. [si_guide_block id="59002"…

Send the right message, to the right person, at the right time: Automating your campaigns

Automated campaigns are the backbone of a successful email marketing strategy; campaigns that are set up within your email system and send automatically based on specific rules. In this blog post, we will cover 5 automated campaigns to consider as part of your lead nurture sequence. [si_quick_block id="115280" title="How to create a lead nurturing strategy" description="This guide will show you how to create an effective lead nurture strategy for B2B and B2C. The majority of new subscribers you generate and bring onto your email programme will not be ready to buy from you, hence, lead nurturing is a crucial part of any well-structured email strategy."]

1. Welcome series

This is often the first impression that a prospect has of your brand and gives you the opportunity to immediately start to build a relationship with your new subscriber when they…

Chart of the day: Marketers are most concerned with improving email engagement

New research has found that improving email engagement, followed by increasing sales revenue as well as increasing the number of subscribers are the top priorities businesses have for email. Top priorities have moved from wanting the most subscribers possible to increasing engagement to retain those subscribers and earn revenue from them. Improving the quality of subscribers was also important for just under 4 in 10 participants of the research (38%). Most businesses said they were successful in achieving their strategic aims for email marketing, the vast majority rated themselves either very or somewhat successful. The biggest barrier to their success was found to be improving the quality of subscribers, marketers want to make sure they have the most relevant subscribers for the services and…

Chart of the Day: What are the most difficult email marketing tactics to implement? ~ Part 2 of 2

Last week we discussed the most effective email marketing tactics. This week we look at the opposite side of the coin at the most difficult tactics to use.

What are email marketers finding difficult?

In the chart below, email marketers are struggling with list segmentation (42%) the most. Testing and optimization (38%) come in second. Keep heart my little email geeks, you can do it!

It's complex - but why?

Some of the most difficult strategies are the hardest to implement. That's not a surprise. But why are email marketers struggling? Is it because there is a: lack of knowledge? missing infrastructure? lack of support within the business? lack of time?

Let's break it down

List segmentation

To correctly segment data, you need just that - data.…

How email automation can create better results for your email marketing strategy

At Communicator, we are trusted partners in email marketing. We work in partnership with our customers, which are all ambitious brands to make sure that they are achieving breakthrough results using our software suite. As part of our focus to help you to achieve email sophistication, we wanted to share with you what email automation is and how it can help your email marketing.

First things first, what is email automation?

Automation by definition is where you introduce systems that will generate actions due to certain triggers that you set up. Applying this to email marketing, it means that once a customer subscribes to a certain email journey, they will automatically receive your emails without you having to do anything else. This is a brilliant…

A concise list of the most popular email marketing systems

With a multitude of email marketing systems readily available, it can be hard to find the right one. Your email system needs to benefit your goals! 5 steps to selecting a new email marketing service: Review your current situation Know your requirements for a new vendor Research the market Test/ request demos for your shortlisted vendors Make a decision and start the migration process Before switching you need to determine your requirements. Have you outgrown your current provider? Do you need extra features that they do not provide? When choosing a new vendor you need to make sure their features will help you achieve your business needs, now and in the future. Do you need more robust reporting and analytics? Integrate SMS messaging into your content strategy? Or, do you need greater capabilities in segmentation and personalization? When choosing a new vendor, think about : Integration Functionality Usability …

Marketing Automation was one of the top trends of 2016, here is how to use it in 2017

Anyone who has run an online business, even for a short time, knows that digital marketing offers a wide range of possibilities. A survey of marketers by Regalix tells us that website and email are the most effective channel of online communication. For every retailer email is the primary tool for bolstering sales, however sending generic newsletter campaigns tends to be less and less appealing to subscribers. FreshMail’s research shows that highly personalized campaigns achieve better results and that’s our subject here. It’s important to get to know the real needs of your customers and to send interesting, engaging content based on advanced personalization and optimization of email marketing campaigns. The potential of Email Marketing Automation (EMA) helps marketers send effective messages suited to the needs of subscribers in a defined contact or…