Examples of high converting calls to action to inspire your own copywriting

To succeed online you need to build an effective testing and optimising strategy that will help you to maximise conversion rates. How do you know what are the most important things for a better conversion? Versatile. scientific testing, pages optimization, various payment gateways, landing pages, and more. These factors will definitely help you to improve your bottom line by getting higher conversion rates. One of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate is to improve your calls to action by making them more compelling. You can test many different messaging and design techniques to boost conversion, but in this article I will focus on the humble CTA to get your audience onto the next stage in the path to purchase. You can create a great CTA of any shape, style, and size. The main thing is to create CTA buttons in…

Your menus may be letting you down. Here's how to perfect them

When businesses are looking to understand why their websites aren’t performing effectively or reviewing options to convert more visitors as part of a CRO programme, they should take a hard look at the different types of navigation they are providing. If some visitors can’t find their way around a website, or more importantly find what they are looking for, then a pretty website is useless to them. The primary and secondary navigation menus are the key to getting visitors effectively around a website. Without an effective navigation menu in place, businesses risk confusing and frustrating their visitors. More importantly, they risk losing conversions and sales. So how do businesses keep that from happening? This article will go into detail on how to create an optimal navigation menu that effectively helps visitors find their way around.

Choosing Buttons

To start, businesses must choose buttons that will be…

How to Easily Cultivate Trust with Button Copy that Puts Your Audience’s Needs First

Marketers are busy and often juggle way too many responsibilities at once. Something’s gotta give, and sometimes it’s the button copy. It’s understandable, but when you skip this one detail, you create a very bad impression with your audience. By settling on generic button copy, you risk coming off as a lazy marketer who focuses on getting the lead or the sale instead of your customers’ wellbeing. Consequently, conversions suffer. So it’s time to rid the world of generic button copy.

If Your Button Copy is Good Ole “Sign Up”, “Send” or “Submit”

You’re probably not doing this on purpose, but I’m not gonna lie – it’s bad. When site visitors scroll through the page, a generic “submit” button doesn’t tell them a thing other than the fact you want something from them. Truth be told, they probably won’t even notice it,…

8 examples of CTAs that Should Inspire You to Assess Your Own and Make Some Changes

“If you build it they will click?” Not likely. Your visitors do not have some instinctive urge to click a button just because it is there. They have to want to click that button because there is some value in doing it. The questions to ask yourself are as follows: Have you created enough value or benefits? Is your CTA really “connected” to the conversion? Are you providing “no-risk” for clicking that button? Have you told the visitor exactly what to do? Have you established some form of urgency? Are your CTA’s taking advantage of the psychology of conversions? While no single CTA will probably meet all of these criteria, the more that can be incorporated, the better. Here are 8 example CTAs that are getting conversions, with an explanation of why they do.

Manpacks Wants You to Get Creative

Specific CTAs now available to increase response for advertisers using Power Editor

Facebook has rolled out a new feature recently that's useful for Facebook advertisers to be aware of since it's specifically to help with boosting direct response.

You can now create ads related to posts that feature a call to action button. In its announcement, Facebook suggests CTAs advertisers may use are:

Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now or Download.

The feature is only available in Power Editor (the free Chrome app for Page editors) and it's well worth checking out.  For those familiar with creating  what I described in a previous post as "dark" (or unpublished) posts using Power Editor this is simply a new option to click through as part of that process. I'd certainly suggest testing posts with this new button rather than simply including the call to action within…

What makes the perfect email call-to-action (CTA)?

The recent post by Kath Pay discussing what makes an effective call-to-action in marketing emails showed how it's easy to get this wrong. No excuses now! Check out this new + useful infographic from Litmus that shows every issue about CTAs you could possibly want to know about. A lot of the ideas are obvious, but the obvious isn't always obvious, particularly when there are other design constraints. Of course, colour and size get a mention, but did you know there is even a law to back this up; this Fitt's Law states that: "The time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target". I also enjoyed the snippet that showed that buttons with arrows encourage more clicks than those that don't - collectively these small tweaks can make a…