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These B2B brands know a thing or two about video. Are your B2B videos as engaging?

B2C brands have been using video for decades. Ever since there has been TV there have been brands producing great videos to delight and entice consumers. Yet for B2B marketers video is still somewhat of a new field, even though the possibility of creating and sharing video online has been around for about ten years now.

[si_guide_block id="23343" title="Download Expert Member resource – Video and YouTube marketing guide" description="Our guide shows you how to review the full opportunities from video marketing whether you are a company looking to integrate video marketing more into your campaigns or a marketing agency looking to improve your video marketing services. Video examples from across different sectors will inspire ideas of how you can use video marketing to reach and influence a wider audience."/]

In this post, I want to highlight 5…

Plus 4 examples of videos aligned with business goals

We find that many of our B2B clients have a lack of confidence about their businesses suitability to video (or should that be the other way around?). They think that in order for a product to work in a video it needs to be entertaining in itself. But that is just not true - there are plenty of stories behind every business that are best communicated using video. In many cases it is often easier with B2B as the target customer is often more clearly defined and understood. What is more complicated with B2B video is that marketers need to work harder to convince a number of decision makers in an organisation. Here is an example of how we used 2 short videos to increase a B2B clients website by 10% - it only took 1 month to achieve this…