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LinkedIn Sponsored Job Listings

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 25 Oct, 2013
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An alert about LinkedIn Sponsored Job Listings

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An alert to let you know about LinkedIn sponsored job listings if you're not aware of them. We get quite a few questions about how to expand awareness of new roles outside of traditional recruitment, so thought we'd share this option.

These listings are now showing in the main feed on the member’s homepage where historically, they were only accessible in the ‘Jobs You May Be Interested in’ on the homepage and to email subscribers.


'The benefit to these listings is that they have the capability of reaching those who may not be actively looking for work, but happen across the job recommendation on the site or via email, and decide to learn more or apply'

These will be visible not only to members actively looking for new jobs but those more passive. LinkedIn have also recognised that members are using mobile more and recently re-launched their app to feature these, since 30% of their members view jobs from a mobile device and engagement is 4x higher.

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