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The average LinkedIn User Profile [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 19 Nov, 2013
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Do you conform to the typical LinkedIn user?

Every wondered how people are actually using LinkedIn? How much time do they spend? Who pays for the premium services? How many groups are people joining? Which features are the most popular? Who uses their company page?

We are not saying that the persona is the same for everyone, since we all have different goals and LinkedIn has such an array of features for brand awareness, lead generation, job hunting and the list can go on. But we are all curious... perhaps this data will help you win an argument or persuade a colleague!

Wayne Breitbarth has produced an infographic, to look at the profile of a LinkedIn user gathering data from Power+Formula and his 2013 LinkedIn Survey.

Some highlights include:

  • 85% of LinkedIn respondents have a free account.
  • 35% have joined up to 9 groups.
  • The top three useful features are: Who viewed your profile, People you may know and Groups.
  • 59% do not have a company page and 75% use it for researching companies and people.


For further tips on the features of LinkedIn read our Smarter LinkedIn Guide, though like most social platforms features can change daily so it's worth reading LinkedIn's blog.

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