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Facebook faces data transfer challenge, British Airways fined for GDPR breach, Facebook is reducing reach of exaggerated health claims and Instagram launching anti-bullying tools

This week has seen Facebook facing another challenge over its users' data and GDPR implications relating to its transfer of data to US servers. British Airways has also received a historic fine following a hack that breach GDPR rules. In more Facebook news, the platform is limiting the reach of ads that feature unsubstantiated health claims. Finally, Instagram is launching new anti-bullying measures in an attempt to make the platform safer. Find out more about these new stories in this week's news roundup below.  

Facebook faces data transfer challenge

Facebook is being challenged over its method of transferring data from the EU to the US for business purposes. According to the Irish data protection commissioner, the way in which data is transferred does…

Facebook's Community Standards update, New brand loyalty research, new playable Facebook ads, consumer views on Netflix advertising and Twitter's new live stream with guests feature

This week, Facebook has updated us on how it is enforcing its Community Standards with its third report. The report includes new data in a bid to make sure its enforcement is more transparent. New research has revealed that brands who form emotional relationships with customers are likely to see better brand loyalty, showing that the human element and storytelling really do benefit companies. Facebook has launched its new playable ads, aimed at providing users with a trial of advertised mobile games. As Coca-Cola announces working with Netflix on Stranger Things season three, a study has found that most subscribers are totally against ads being added to the video streaming service. Finally, Twitter has announced a new feature. Those who live stream will now have the opportunity to add audio-only…

Instagram to stop recommending 'borderline' content, the UK government is proposing new rules for social media companies, Amazon Alexa conversations being listened to by people, Netflix is testing new subscriptions in India and Lego named as the UK's favourite brand

A big focus this week across the board is social media and the spread of harmful content. Instagram has announced that it is set to stop recommending 'borderline' content that isn't quite breaking its rules but could be seen as potentially harmful. On top of this, the UK government is seeking to make social media in the country as safe as possible with proposed new regulations and sanctions for platforms failing to ensure users' safety. In other news, Amazon has admitted that some recorded Alexa conversations are listened to by people, raising security concerns. Netflix is seeking to grow its market share in India by offering new subscription services in the country, including weekly subscriptions. Finally,…

Facebook sees ad revenues increase year-on-year, Google has new GDPR complaint lodged against it, Facebook "blocks" third-party apps from monitoring political advertisements and Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp set to join forces with combined chat functions

This week's news roundup is fairly Facebook-heavy as the social media platform has been fairly busy. While its ad revenues may have increased in the final quarter of 2018, it has also come under fire some recent changes that blog third-parties from monitoring political ads. Other than Facebook, Google is now in more hot water with yet another GDPR complaint lodged against it. It has been accused of using sensitive information to target ads at users, something that it is denying. Take a look at these stories in a bit more detail below.  

Facebook reports strong ad revenue growth

Facebook may have had a particularly touch 2018 in…

O2 experienced a major network issue, the UK government has published a selection of Facebook's internal documents and Iceland's banned Christmas advert has been named 'most powerful' of the festive offerings

While the news has been fairly slow this week in the digital and marketing worlds, Facebook's ongoing struggles following the Cambridge Analytica scandal are continuing. The UK government has now released some documents seized from the social media platform, which includes some interesting internal emails. One of the biggest stories of the week is O2's massive network issues yesterday (Thursday, December 6th), which left millions of customers without access to their data and many people unable to make calls or send texts. Ending on a positive note, Iceland's banned Christmas advert has been named the most powerful of all the festive adverts of 2018 - leaving many of the big-budget ads at the bottom of the pile. Find out more with this week's news…

Social media strategy and planning essentials series

This is part 7 of my Smart Insights 12 part social media series. In the last part we looked at aligning social media with other marketing channels; in this blog, I discuss what resources you need to manage your social media marketing and how you scale a social team sensibly. To frame the conversation, you need to find answers to the following questions: How many people do you need and in which roles? What business processes are required? What KPIs should you use and what resources do you need to measure them? What tech and tools are required for your social media plan? How do these resource demands change in the next few years?

Approaches to resourcing

There are two main ways to plan your resourcing: Bottom up You’re governed by the resource currently at your disposal, so you shape your scope of work around this. For example,…

Examples of social media workflow to review and respond to online comments about a brand

A while ago, I received this question by email, it describes a common concern of managing brand reputation given the growth in consumer comments in social media: "I would be interested in any case studies or examples of controlling social media discussions, especially in a case of negative flow". The questioner went on to explain that in her case, in the health sector, and many health and looks treatments etc. create a lot of social media input. Experiences, questions, complaints etc. Also, in some cases, competitors are creating negative posts. She explains that example is where companies have faced non-satisfied customers that are creating a lot of noise in social media. [si_guide_block id="13290" title="Download Premium Member resource – Social media marketing playbook" description="A checklist defining 20 key governance activities for strategic management of social media marketing communications."/]

Example flowcharts for managing…

Use these Social Media Campaign Tools to run more effective Social Media Campaigns

Social Media campaign tools give you flexible campaign and advertising tools for running campaigns on all the major social media platforms. They provide a quick and easy method for setting up customer engagement campaigns, from templates for quizzes, surveys, and sweepstakes to white label options with full CSS editing and iFrame functionality. These tools can focus on a number of campaigns goals (e.g. driving engagement or collecting leads) and have powerful social sharing features out the box but with custom options ensuring each campaign can be tailored accordingly.

Key things to consider before purchasing and using these tools:

Whilst these tools provide a quick and easy option for many brands, ultimately these tools act as a third party between you and the customer limiting your control of the customer…

A social media policy is crucial if you want to be in full control of your social media interactions

One social media gaffe can ruin the reputation of even the strongest brands out there. No marketer wants to face a host of outraged consumers. Social media might be the best thing that ever happened to branding, but one wrong move and you can be sure that a PR disaster will drag behind you for years. The internet never forgets. How to avoid that risk? By building a social media policy to set up standards for social media usage at your enterprise. Here are some practical tips for developing a social media policy.

1. Set out the basic rules

Developing a social media policy requires a clear understanding of your main goals on social channels. Here are a few questions to help you: What is…

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social are top rated

There are many social media management products in the market, both paid and free, available to manage your activity across your social media channels. Sometimes it feels like there is too much choice. It can be difficult to choose the right tool unless you have received a firm recommendation from a colleague or a review. Previously this week we have given our reviews in these recent posts of 6 free social media tools and 7 less-well known social media marketing tools. G2 Crowd, a industry-leading review platform company, have recently surveyed their user community to rank the social media management tools which they use, in terms of customer satisfaction. Together with vendor information on market share, vendor size, and social impact, they have compiled some interesting reviews along with a summary of key features, customer satisfaction…

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