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How to become a better influencer within your niche

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 24 Feb, 2017
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Practical ideas and tools to improve influencer marketing

Ever wondered why Dr. Phil bears an influence over its audience? The simple answer is because he was able to impose his knowledge and expertise in psychology through an effective medium. There may be better doctors than Dr. Phil. However, the fact that he was featured on Oprah, whose show reaches out to millions of viewers on a regular basis, gives him an edge over other practitioners. As more people hear his advice to his patients and the fact that Oprah vouches for his expertise quickly made him an influential psychologist.

Influencer marketing

The anatomy of influence

There are lots of things marketers can learn from Dr. Phil as an example of influencer marketing. Being knowledgeable about a particular subject does not automatically make you an online thought leader. Moreover, writing comprehensive and high-quality posts about your topic is not what makes an influencer.

The secret to influencer marketing is the ability to find an effective platform with the most viewership so you can share your knowledge and content. Doing this lets you amplify your content reach so more people will be able to read your content. If your content is as good as advertised, you can expect more people to engage with you, if not become more familiar with your work. Therefore, if you want to build influence online, then you need to form a campaign using different tactics to achieve it.

For this post, we will break down the campaign into three components:

  • Guest blogging
  • Blogger outreach
  • Social syndication

Below are examples of strategy you can apply in building your influence.

Guest blogging

Blogging on different sites is an excellent way to tap into a brand new readership that you can convert as readers of your blog, if not advocates of your

"Guest posting has been around for a while, and it is still an awesome way to get more traffic and visibility to your blog" says Mike Wallagher in this post. He also shows proof on how he still receives referral traffic from his guest posts.

The principle behind the effectiveness of guest blogging is pitching a post idea to the blog owner you are targeting to publishing your post on. With that in mind, you need to pitch to the site with the most online influence.

You can gauge them by measuring these metrics:

  • Domain Authority
    Using this measurement developed by Moz gives you insight on the value of a website based on the quality and quantity of links pointing to it. The
    higher the score, the more valuable the links are, the more cause for you to reach out to the site owner for a guest post opportunity.
  • Social Proof
    Having lots of social media followers and likes proves that the site has a vibrant community that you can tap into once your guest post is published.
  • Subscribers
    Some blogs show the number of subscribers they have on their mailing list. The more subscribers, the more engaged and engrossed the readers are with
    the newsletters and content they are receiving from the site owner. There is also a chance that the site syndicates guest posts in their email
    campaigns, which puts you and your guest post at an advantage.
  • Blog Comments
    Blog engagement can be measured by the number of comments each post has. More comments that provide value to the discussions means more chances for
    your to engage and meet like-minded people.

Considering all these factors, you can come up with a list of sites to reach out to. The higher the score of each metric, the more reason for you to publish your guest post there. This way, you can enjoy more readers of your post and more chances to convert them as readers and advocates of your cause.

Blogger outreach

The best way to drive more visitors to your content is to get an influencer on board with  your post. Look no further than the ones you linked out to in your post. Linking out to resource pages is a good way to refer your readers to more specific content about a particular idea you mentioned in your page post. This practice is also a way of saying to readers, "This page I am linking to, the blogger who published this page, is awesome!"

As they say in SEO, a backlink is akin to a recommendation. By linking back to different sites, you are recommending those sites to your readers. Therefore, if you linked out to resources pages to point readers to more information about an idea you presented in the content, reach out to the resource page owner with your content. Tell them that you linked to their pages because they provide great value and insight to readers of your post.

You can choose to say to them to share your posts or not. The approach will be up to you on how you want to reach out to the blogger or site owners.The example above is just one way on how you can approach blogger outreach. This post at SERPs.com shows different templates that you can use for blogger outreach. The purpose of doing this is to piggyback on the bloggerís popularity based on the metrics also found in the guest blogging tactic above.

'By using blogger outreach in the right way you can leverage that influence to grow your blog faster than you imagined' says Adam Connell in this post at Blogging Wizard.

The more popular the blogger is, the more influence s/he has in your niche. Consider this factor, if the blogger shares or links back to your post,
consider this a big win for you!

Social syndication

Creating a social syndication system where you can automatically syndicate and share your post on social media is a great way to extend the reach of your content. One way of doing this is to join one of the many  online influencer marketing platforms.

Triberr Is an example of one of these platforms. However, you will need to join Tribes related to your niche and become a Member on each. The idea here is to join Tribes with lots of members to increase the chances of your content to be shared by people. This way, you cut down the time searching for people to share your posts with you, as the Tribe members will do the heavy lifting for you.

Another tool you ought to consider using is Buffer. Among the different social media management tools out there, Buffer is arguably the most lightweight, as it focuses on helping you automate your social sharing in just a few clicks. The tool's Power Scheduler feature is arguably its ace in the hole. Enter as many social media accounts you own and queue your posts to be shared on these sites within a period.

Buffer tool

The tool will take care of the time when the posts will be published. This reduces the time of figuring out the best times when you should publish your

Wrapping it up

By following the tips above, you increase the chances of your content to be found by your audience. As a result, you can get more people on board with your deas and exert yourself as a thought leader.

By captivating your audience and performing these tactics on the consistent basis, you can finally become an influencer.

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