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How to win at mobile marketing: Be there, be quick, be useful. [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 29 Apr, 2016
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New infographic shows key stats to bear in mind when building your digital marketing strategy

Now that mobile accounts for over half of all web traffic and the mobile web is beginning to mature, it's important that marketers fully understand the ramifications of the seismic shift in device use.

This infographic gives a few quick and useful ideas for getting started. It's based around the idea that the key to success with mobile marketing is to be there, bit quick and be noticed.  These are certainly useful areas to base the basics of your strategy around, although there is obviously a lot more to mobile marketing that that!

If you're currently looking at your mobile marketing strategy, then check out our newly updated 7 steps mobile marketing guide.

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Thanks to Katapult for publishing this infographic

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By Robert Allen

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