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How to write effective B2B lead generation emails

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 22 Sep, 2017
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Use your email marketing as a B2B lead generation magnet

B2B lead generation emails are being utilized more than ever in marketing. The sudden increase in their use is closely tied to the utility of emails. For long, emails have been utilized as primary tools for marketing and also communication. 91% of businesses use emails to create demand. It’s quite effective, efficient, and has a wide outreach as compared to other tools used in marketing and communication.

businesses that use email marketing

As much as emails are used on a daily basis, knowing how to write one to a good standard is quite a task. This is because the recipients are diverse, having different personalities, different needs, varied attitudes and specific preferences. Thus, crafting a B2B lead generation email that has an impact is more involving and may require adherence to specific guidelines. The ulterior motive is to avoid the emails being put away or disregarded by our target recipients.

In this regard, this article will consider 6 tips for writing an effective B2B lead generation email to guarantee a positive impact on sales, marketing and getting clients.

1. Craft a list of prospects

If you’re not new to the world of email marketing, then you probably know what an email list is. For the newbies, this is a list of email contacts that you intend to broadcast a message to. These should be permission-based, so you should use different techniques to capture email addresses which grant permission. You must also offer the option to unsubscribe.  It could be drawn from professional contacts and also social circles. These lists should serve as your primary B2B lead email prospects. When crafting these lists, ensure you sort out and narrow down to:

  • The most receptive individuals
  • Groups
  • Businesses

Persons of Interest

Include all those that revolve around your core business or could have a direct or indirect interest in your core business. About 83% of B2B marketers use such lists for newsletters.

2. Use a power subject line

It’s a fact that many people receive a lot of emails, but they ultimately make the decision to read based on the subject line. Thus, it calls for one to write in an engaging tone. The subject line has to be powerful and catchy such that it immediately engages the reader at first instance.

Important Guidelines

When writing a subject line to your B2B lead generation email, ensure that it’s short and concise. Add an element of personalization and curiosity to make the reader get the recipient to open the email and read it.

You should view the subject line as a movie trailer. If the movie trailer does not arouse any interest, suspense and anticipation then it’s likely that fewer people will pay to watch that movie. Therefore, incentivize your readers to open the email by putting a powerful and catchy headline.

3. Be brief

This cannot be over-emphasized. Business emails and B2B lead generation emails have to be brief by default. It’s not really a matter of choice, but an imperative since it’s assumed that everyone in the workplace setting is busy. There’s also the aspect of time; time is far too valuable to spend most of it reading long emails; at least that’s the mindset of almost everyone who receives tons of emails in a day. Therefore, the gist of a message, and in our case B2B email, should be conveyed at the earliest instance.

Use an essay writing service to assist you if you encounter any difficulties. The truth is, most people frown upon an email with large blocks of texts. In fact, most of them develop an attitude when trying to read it, if at all they decide to read it. There are also other competing emails and tasks that might occupy your recipient’s time.

Get to the Point

Be brief and concise with your wording and expressions. It does not add any value writing whole paragraphs and long phrases; a few sentences and short phrases are sufficient. If need be, use a complete proofreading guide to check on brevity. If you doubt this, try writing whole blocks of texts and monitor your response rates.

4. Enhance personalization

Nothing triggers the interest and input of individuals than a message that’s specifically directed to them and appeals to their inner person. This is what personalization is all about. B2B lead generation emails should be tailored and customized to each recipient. They should strive to address the issues that exclusively affect them.

How Can One Go About This?

It is simple:

  • Carry out extensive research on your prospects

If it is a company, get to know the company name and the industry in which it operates. With modern day tech, it is quite easy to do this. You can even get information with regard to the company location, and the core business. If your prospect is an individual, you can get more personal by knowing their first name, the respective company that they work for and also their job function. Statistics show headlines that have the recipients can increase open rates by 20%

  • Be more personal about yourself by simply finishing the email with your name. A word of caution though, avoid being redundant by frequently introducing yourself.

5. Have a compelling call-to-action to qualify a prospect

Call to actions (CTA) are what convert leads into clients. They come after telling the prospects of your wonderful opportunity. It’s more of a directive that tells the prospect what they should do next.

Through offering the right types of content which indicate interest in your product, you can identify potential leads who may be interested in your product.

For example, you could have them call you directly through your number to set a meeting. It could also be specifics as to how they can sign up for your services. This call to action should be conspicuous and clear. Consider adding a design to it so that it can appear irresistible and compelling to the reader.

The best place to put the call to action is just right after the initial pitch. It can then be repeated at the end of the email for it to be imprinted on the mind of the recipient.

6. Create a sense of urgency and an element of scarcity

Sometimes, the only way to motivate and stimulate action on individuals is to create a sense of urgency and an element of scarcity. This comes after showing them the value of what you’re pitching and your ability to resolve their issues. By this time, you have already shown them that you understand their unique problems and that you’re best placed to offer an effective remedy.

What remains is for them to act swiftly in order to enjoy the benefits. All emphasis should be placed on the call to action and why it should be done ‘now' rather than later.

Also, try to suggest that the offer won't be in place for a long period or there are limited offers left. That should stimulate your prospects to spring into action. The prospect or lead might turn into a client as fast as they can so as not to miss out. What's more, they could even refer you if they themselves are not particularly interested but have friends, family, acquaintances or business associates that might be interested.


Well-crafted B2B lead generation emails can have a positive outcome on sales, marketing, advertising and any other related field provided the above-highlighted tips are carefully implemented. The 6 tips above are sure to help you achieve just that!

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