Chart of the Day: Cross-industry benchmarks for B2B services, Travel, Healthcare, Legal and Education sectors

'What does good like?' 'How do we compare?' are common questions when businesses are reviewing their conversion rates. It's useful to have conversion statistics to compare your conversion rates against if you're serious about CRO (conversion rate optimisation). If you work for a transactional Ecommerce business,  a good range of sources for retail conversion rates statistics are available, as my regularly updated compilation shows. Yet, if you work for a B2B business or in other sectors like travel and healthcare there are fewer sources. So, it was good to see this new research from Unbounce giving lead conversion rates by industry particularly since it's based on real-data of conversion rather than reported data which is more common for B2B and other sector. The chart shows wide variation within and between…

Chart of the day: Website lead response management research

If you're involved in a business where you collect leads from your website you will know the importance of timing - 'timing is everything'. For example, for a financial services or travel company who offer brochures for download, phone follow-up is still often an effective technique if the profile of the lead fits. Of course, within B2B marketing, this approach is even more common when offering whitepapers to help prospects learn about a product or solution. Today's chart-of-the-day isn't as recent as most we feature, instead it's a classic study designed to identify what day of week, time of day and time from creation to call back a web-generated lead for optimal contact and qualification rates. The full report summary gives details on contact times (similar to best mail contact days Wednesday and Thursday are far more effective than other days and surprisingly, 4…

Choosing the right metric to measure ROI

Learn what metrics can help you truly understand the value of your spend and what technologies really deliver on this most important metric. Small-to-medium businesses are investing in their marketing at jaw-dropping new levels. BIA/Kelsey predicts that 2015 will be a banner year for local media expenditure on the part of these organisations, with investment exceeding $50 billion. Digital investments are at the forefront, with 28% of marketers reducing their traditional advertising budget to fund more digital marketing and search marketing capturing the largest share of online spend at 47% according to Business2Community. But with so many dollars on the line, how can a business know what investments are really paying off? Return on Investment is the gold standard that today’s marketers are seeking. But with each new media channel, there is new complexity in the…

Which LinkedIn features are best for lead generation?

In B2B marketing, we know that lead generation is key and it's about generating good quality, targeted leads, which can be qualified as much as possible rather than focussing on the volume of leads. To assess which social networks is best at B2B lead generation across B2B sectors. Oktopost has analysed over 100,000 posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and LinkedIn ranked the highest for lead generation for B2B companies. The findings covered in the Infographic below included highlights that: 96% of posts, in discussion groups, generated leads which resulted in up to 86% conversion rates. 1 out of 3 converted posts, included a ? in the subject line of the post.

To learn more about LinkedIn, access our Smartinsights LinkedIn Guide which we have recently updated.…

A smart technique for online lead generation

Envisage entering the office after a relaxing weekend to find the information of several piping hot leads sitting on your desk - Sounds too good to be true? Think again. Historically sales and marketing teams have relied purely on avenues such as a trade shows to make their mark. Online marketing gave new options, but there are many competing, often laborious forms to capture vital prospect information. Online Lead Generation, and in particular web-based lead scoring, is a newer approach to these traditional ways, making it possible to obtain viable business opportunities. Potentially it can create a cost-effective platform which requires less marketing spend as every potential lead is captured and even identified by company. We will give a briefing about these techniques in the next free Smart Insights webcast with this post introducing the approach - please register here. …

How European marketers are applying data-driven marketing

Value/Importance: ★★★ Recommended link: Data-Driven Marketing Survey 2013 Europe and Infographic on key findings We are alerting you to the new report by Teradata, who partnered with The Technical University of Munich and the University of Applied management,  to survey over 1000 Senior Marketeers across 19 European countries to find out their biggest challenges, how to address them and adoption of technologies. Findings delved into the use of technology into today's multi-channel environment, tools to improve ROI and performance and acquiring budget. Sound familiar? ".. the tough economic climate is putting marketers under severe pressure to directly increase the revenue of the overall business and to justify their success by applying strict return on investment (ROI) measures" The findings will be of interest to Marketers who are in similar positions and being asked…

4 tools that give you a fuller view of your online marketing spend

If your business receives a high volume of inbound sales calls referred from your website, then tying your telesales function into your marketing metrics is absolutely crucial to ensure you understand the overall performance of your online marketing spend. This key marketing requirement has led to different call tracking measurement tools being created and made available to marketers which I'll introduce in this post.

Why integrate call tracking?

Call tracking measurement has often been something restricted to a sales manager giving them an understanding of volume of inbound calls and then looking at the conversion rate to sale, generally broken down by agent. However as marketers, we need to understand what made a customer call in the first place. When we understand this we can make (more) educated decisions on marketing spend. Without call tracking in place, if we look purely…

Web response time statistics summary

I was recently called by an email service provider following-up on a whitepaper I had downloaded. Nothing unusual there, it's a good B2B permission marketing practice and for high value consumer products or services too. What stood out for me was that it was a full month after I had downloaded the document and they chastised me for not reading the paper when I said I hadn't had time to take a look. How about they followed-up sooner! This got me thinking about when is the ideal time for a follow-up? Is immediate better or is this too "big-brother". Well I recalled some data on this from a while back and turned to my Google+ Email commentators circle who soon pointed me at the data I was thinking of from back in 2008. Thanks Brian Eisenberg and Riaz Kanani! Here are the results... It's from a post on 5…

Buyer content preferences in product or service selection

I think everyone agrees that customer-centred content converts better than product-centred content. But which content are prospects looking for when they’re deciding on which products to buy? Marketing Automatation Software Guide did some research on what informs the B2B purchase decision helps answer this question, so I thought we’d provide a summary to help you think about how customer-centric your site in terms of the different types of information available to explain the product.

Content used to inform decisions when researching a market?

During the initial evaluation of a product, these are the factors that are important. No surprise that pricing is at the top of the list since it will often require a phone call in B2B. Proof of features and demonstrations are also popular.


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