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Revive your Email Marketing campaigns with classic email tactics [infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 17 May, 2018
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Use these 11 classic techniques to boost email engagement

Is a bottleneck breaking the momentum of your emails? It’s time you rethink your email marketing strategy and create interesting emails that can get you better subscriber engagement.

With 149,513 emails being sent each minute, standing out in the inbox is of utmost importance. Below, EmailMonks brings to you simple email marketing mantras that can help you to develop visually impressive emails for your subscribers all over the world.

1. Use interactivity

According to State of Email Report 2018 by Litmus, interactive email design will be the top email design trend in this year. In addition to GIFs and cinemagraphs, email marketing has now transcended to hamburger menus, accordions, sliders, hot spots and search bar right in the email. 

2. Incorporate parallax scrolling in emails

Imagine you are scrolling through an email with just the background moving and other email elements static. This illusory effect has been introduced in the world of email design. Have a look at the example below:

parallax scrolling in emails

3. Gamify using CSS-animation

According to a research, 53% of technology stakeholders support the adoption and usage of gamification. Offering rewards through gamification is one of the best ways to get better click-through rates in emails. Keyframe animations have made it possible for email marketers to incorporate this awesome tactic in emails. 

4. Make your emails ‘accessible

Accessibility helps to make your emails more effective as it eliminates hindrances for ‘specially abled’ subscribers. As a result, everyone will be able to access the content, thereby driving more engagement and subscriber interaction.

5. Try full-width emails

Gone are the days when email designers had to stick to 600px width so that the email rendered well across all devices and email clients. As display resolutions have increased to 800px for many of the popular devices, full-width emails have picked up in the recent times. 

Check out this insightful infographic from EmailMonks.

Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018Source: Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018

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