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Don’t underrate the ROI on your email marketing

Author's avatar By Kim Greenop-Gadsby 04 Jan, 2017
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Chart of the Day: How email ROI compares to other channels

The below chart illustrates that email delivers a steady stream of return for your investment. Email is generally underrated in regards to investment compared to Paid Search (PPC) or the other channels.

In the chart we can see that 73% of respondents rate email marketing ROI as either 'excellent' or 'good', compared to PPC which comes out at 59%. These are impressive statistics, but imagine the results if email marketing received the same investment as the other channels or even it diversifies into tactical marketing automation.

Chart of the day: Email vs other channels for ROI

One question I have with this chart, is how accurate the calculation of investment is in email? It can be difficult to calculate, because there are different factors attributing to a email send. But most importantly, what is ROI to you - is it clicks, downloads or monetary value?

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By Kim Greenop-Gadsby

I get very excited about all things email because I'm just a #EmailGeekUK. I was born and bred in South Africa and have over 16 years experience in web development and digital marketing. When I'm not being an email geek, I spend my time with my husband, two sons and our menagerie of pets.

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