Find out how Southbank improved their open and click-through rate with a simple email welcome sequence

First impressions in life are all important. This is certainly true in the world of email. Welcoming a new subscriber is a key point in a customer’s journey, and can be a substantial factor in their retention. At Southbank Centre, the UK’s largest arts centre, one of our challenges is around clearly communicating our vast and varied events programme. So what did we do? We sent a warm and welcoming email to those that signed up to our email list, either through our website or wifi. The first step in our strategy for a seamless email journey. Our messaging reflects the warm and friendly nature of our site. This is accomplished with the upfront greeting and upbeat copy to complement our newly introduced branding. Paired with…

Email is a marketing channel that has evolved over the years, smartly adopting new technology and adapting to demands of the changing times

Emails have been in place for around four decades now. It is a remarkably cost-effective way to build long-lasting relationships with customers and drive business growth. Marketers who can adhere to the principles of correct email marketing will surely be able to give more bang for the marketing buck. Here’re the top reasons why emails reign the marketing world as a noteworthy medium.

Emails can be personalized for individual subscribers

Emails can simulate one-on-one conversation with your subscribers and impart a personalized experience to them. You can send real-time emails according to the triggers such as website activity, past purchases, cart abandonment, etc. It facilitates “marketing trinity”, that is, sending the right message (offer) at the right time to the right person. See how ASICS sends an interesting cart abandonment email to…

Use these 11 classic techniques to boost email engagement

Is a bottleneck breaking the momentum of your emails? It’s time you rethink your email marketing strategy and create interesting emails that can get you better subscriber engagement. With 149,513 emails being sent each minute, standing out in the inbox is of utmost importance. Below, EmailMonks brings to you simple email marketing mantras that can help you to develop visually impressive emails for your subscribers all over the world. [si_guide_block id="5676" title="Download FREE Resource – Digital marketing plan template" description="Our popular marketing planning template built on the Smart Insights RACE planning system."/]

1. Use interactivity

According to State of Email Report 2018 by Litmus, interactive email design will be the top email design trend in this year. In addition to GIFs and cinemagraphs, email marketing has now transcended to hamburger menus, accordions, sliders, hot spots and search bar right in the email. 

2. Incorporate parallax…

Create a webinar email that encourages more sign-ups

When it comes to promoting your webinars, you just can’t beat email. We recently asked the live webinar audience how many pre-event promotional emails they send, and over 57% said they sent at least three. But, are they getting the most from those emails? On average, you have less than eight seconds to convince the reader that your message is worth spending time reading through all the way. How do you make those eight seconds work for you? These are the five elements of great event promotion emails:

1. Enticing subject line

Without a killer subject line, people may not even open your email. There is definitely an art and a science to crafting that killer subject line. The art lies in crafting a line that sounds cool enough to make people want to engage and read more. It should promise…

What does your email font say about your brand?

No email marketer EVER says, “I am happy with my email design and the ROI it brings.” Because the day you say so, you stop being successful.  From start to eternity (and even beyond) email marketers are in constant search for something new to delight their subscribers. Right from experimenting with an embedded video to including certain interactive elements, email marketers are looking for the next best thing. But in the quest for finding the “next best thing”, most email marketers oversee the potential of experimenting with colors and fonts or say typography in emails.

How Fonts Can Affect Email Engagement – An Analysis

An email is made up of basically a header image, email copy, and footer. So in short, a combination (and appropriate placement) of colors, text, and images make an email interesting. While colors are based on the brand personality,…

Chart of the Day: To code or not to code? (Technology) - Part 3 of 6

We are now half way through our six-week series on email workflow. So far we have discussed Planning and Time spent on tasks. Last week I asked in a poll, "for each email that your company sends, which task takes you the longest?" View our results and find our which task takes you the longest. This week we will be looking at what companies mostly used for the creation of the emails. There are two options - you can either use an email template or use HTML and CSS coding from scratch. Firstly, let's look at what an email template is.

Email templates - what they are and why you should use them?

An email template is a pre-formatted and reusable HTML file. When you load the template, it…

What data science taught us about 211 email subject line phrases

Once you click the send button, your email subject line is the most important part of your campaign. This is a fact. Think about your own experience in the inbox. Mine is something like this: Look at inbox Look at sender name Look at subject line Make a decision whether or not to open it and read the content Your sender name is important as it conveys your brand value. But it’s not something you can change easily. Your subject line is important because testing and optimising them drives response rates like nothing else. But, there’s a common problem with subject lines. Dotmailer research reveals 26% of email marketer’s time is spent on email creative, 21% on deployment, and only 8% on testing. And, over 70% of email marketers don't split test their subject lines very often. Here’s the thing: if people don’t open…

10 Delightful Email Design Trends to Flatter Your Subscribers

You've got mail! The design is quirky, colors bright and beautiful, and there’s an oh-so-amazing GIF. You love it at first sight! Psychologists have researched to find out that we take 1/10th of a second to form an impression, and only a long term experience is capable of altering it. So the point is… YOUR EMAILS MUST HAVE THE WOW FACTOR. People love novelty, and more engaging the novelty, the merrier. Email marketers, the smart ones, have always gone with the flow, embracing new discoveries and paying heed to new age demands. That's why I'm presenting some amazing email design trends that I feel will having a big impact this year.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for These Delightful Email Design Trends

Long live the GIF: How many GIF emails did we see in 2016? Countless. A GIF gives movement to a static image. And with…

Interactive, creative and innovative emails to inspire your 2017 email marketing.

Email marketing consistently ranks as one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of ROI. But to stand out in a crowded field you need to optimise for device, utilise the latest technology, and have compelling creative. Without any of this crucial trio your email will fall flat. It's all very well telling marketers they need to use dynamic email with creative designs and attention grabbing copy, but it's very different to actually produce it. Often the best way to get inspiration for your own campaign is to see examples of effective email campaigns that you can draw upon. That's way we're giving you 6 examples of creative and effective dynamic content emails to inspire you in 2017.

1. Knomo - Scalable design for mobile optimization

As you can see from the desktop and mobile versions of this email from Knomo, by…

Chart of the Day: Simple vs complex subject lines

Many email marketers keep their subject lines simple and short, but are these causing recipients to fail to read on? "Not only does this study suggest that complex language leads to greater email engagement, but it also once again proves the value of testing and optimisation." ~ Nikki Gilliland @ Econsultancy The Automatic Readability index uses the number of characters to gauge the understandability of a piece of text. And that is what is used to create this rather complicated chart. The chart shows a steady gradient increase in open% and CTO% as the complexity of the subject line increases. The difference may seem diminutive, but remember that this chart is working on a scale of billions of sends. So it can lead to some significant changes. Before you start making drastic changes, remember to A/B test your subject lines to see if this appeals to your…

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