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The latest email design trends for 2020 [Infographic]

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 07 Jan, 2020
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Email design is constantly evolving with consumer preferences, so what trends do you need to be aware of in 2020?

Email design trends 2020 are expected to be an amazing combination of flawless visual appeal and technological advancements.  

The constant endeavor of email designers is to bring a unique experience to subscribers. The biggest validation of this fact is how email design trends continue to change every year. In 2020, we believe that email designs will be highly interactive and remarkably advanced.  

Here are the top email design trends that we are really excited about this year:

Design for dark mode 

Dark mode has gained immense popularity as the usage of digital devices continues to rise. The colour palette of the email interface changes in the dark mode, as a result of which, the copy is displayed on a dark background and light foreground. People with light sensitivity or night shifts at work find it more convenient to read in dark mode.  

Check out the facts and figures in relation to digital eye strain and device usage: 

Dark mode benefits

Of course, dark mode cannot solve every issue related to digital devices, but it can certainly reduce them. This is important from an accessibility point of view as the email layout, colours, and font type are picked such that every subscriber can access it.  

Apple Mail and Outlook have already adapted to this trend, and it is likely that all the major email clients will do so, too.  

Take a look at the dark mode email from Email on Acid:

Email on Acid dark mode example

Use 3D visuals 

Email designers will go a step ahead and use 3D images to garner better subscriber engagement. It will help to convey the message more effectively as well as make the decision-making process a breeze for the subscriber.  

See how Lyft promotes its scooters with the help of a 3D GIF.  

Lyft email example

Go for seamless design 

Emails should have an ideal width but with a seamless design. Seamless design refers to the emails that occupy the full screen so that there is no room for distraction. Breaking the visual boundaries in emails will surely trend in 2020.  

Seamless email design

Curb the column layout 

Emails usually follow the column layout with the email header at the top followed by the hero image, product image, product description, information about the offer, and email footer. 2020 will be about thinking beyond the conventional column layout and choosing broken grids like camiah.com does.  

Broken grid email example

Create AMP emails 

The dream-like technology of filling a form from an email itself has become a reality with AMP in email. It not only enables to create a lightweight email with shorter loading time but also builds interactive emails that let the subscriber respond to a survey, complete the checkout process, or RSVP to an event without being redirected to the landing page.  

Some awesome AMP emails are created by Booking.com, Aweber, Doodle, and Pinterest.  

Joining the league of these brands, EmailMonks developed an AMP email with slider and accordion in addition to a subscription and contact form.  

AMP email example

Try typography in emails 

More than 80% of email recipients can view web fonts in their email clients without any rendering issue. Therefore, email marketers are experimenting with different types of typography to add visual appeal to their emails.  

See how Typo did it for Halloween 2019 email:

Typography in emails

Rue La La uses a typography GIF to capture the reader’s attention and get them to make the purchase.  

Email design example

2020 will also see more of bold typography without any imagery like EmailMonks has done in their email.  

Typography only email example

Craft minimalistic email designs 

Descriptive illustrations, plenty of white space, and monochrome designs will be trending in 2020. These emails will cut through the inbox noise by being easy to read and clearly convey the purpose of the email. As they are devoid of clutter, they will encourage the reader to take the next action without any overwhelming design elements.  

Go interactive 

Interactivity will continue to be email designers' favourite trend even in 2020. The futuristic email designs will have interactive elements that will not need any subscriber activity. Such emails will reduce the unsubscribe rate while imparting a delightful subscriber experience.  

Similarly, gamification emails will also remain as popular as ever. EmailMonks designed an innovative game for Halloween 2019 where the subscriber was supposed to pick five items to escape from the ghost.  

To check out the Halloween email and learn more about the email design trends 2020, check out the informative infographic by EmailMonks: 9 Most Exciting Email Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020. 



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