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6 Extraordinary E-commerce Web Design Trends To Implement In 2018

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 21 Sep, 2018
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It is one of the most significant parts of the business world in today’s era. But, it is usually tough to predict the future of the e-commerce market

But, still, experts have predicted recently that 2018 is going to be a great year for e-commerce. They have proposed some trends which are definitely going to work in the upcoming months of the year.

Just have a look!

1. The Material Design

Material design is nothing but the ultimate concept of building such websites which are entirely based on rich contents that are vibrant, trendy, and serves all the needs of any business. Moreover, this trend has already reached up to the peak and thus it is expected that it will get a high rise in the upcoming year.

This kind of design will tend to provide a uniquely amalgamated and palpable experience to users across all kind of online platforms. If you want to develop an engaging and appealing e-commerce website then just go for this design!

2. Make the layouts like cards

We have seen that the card like designers have got an immense level of attention for past a few years and due to such a successful aspect it is totally anticipated that this trend is going to continue in 2018.

If you opt for such a trend for designing then you will end up having a responsive website which will let you make things visible to your users when they will use devices of any screen dimension. The perk of opting for this trend is that when the websites will be designed by integrating such a feature then they will come up as extremely user-friendly eCommerce platform and can be browsed thoroughly in all kind of browsers.

3. Go for minimalist buttons

It’s been more than three years now that designers are discussing over minimalist buttons as they consider these as one of the best possible ways to come up with such web pages which are extremely action-oriented. Now, it is expected that in 2018 also this trend is going to be popular.

Do you want to know why this trend is going to continue? Well, it’s because on integrating them to the webpages, you would be able to provide an astounding user experience to your visitors through some perfect actions.

Yes! If you include such buttons on your website then they will really work as the call to actions for the pages of the same which will definitely end up providing an excellent experience of browsing to your audience.

4. Dynamic search is going to boost

When it comes to the best kind of web designing strategies available then the latest trends that has come up recently is the dynamic search. This kind of technology is capable of successfully categorizing the products when an e-commerce store is actually having a huge and unmanageable inventory.

If I speak about one of the best attributes of this trend then it will be certainly changing the layout of the products. Well, there is no doubt in the fact that this trend has already hit the market and it is quite acceptable that it is going to get more and more projected in the future. So, 2018 is definitely going to be for dynamic search!

5. Hover effects are going to come up

The industry –experts have a strong belief that most of the websites are going to get designed in 2018 while using the hover effects. Don’t have an idea about the same? Well, simply, it is actually a CSS method which is usually incorporated to change the effects of an element when the mouse clicks on it.

With hover effects, you can definitely grab the attention of users towards the most significant and prominent detail of any of your webpage. So, isn’t it something awesome? Then, what are you waiting for? It’s already 2018! Just get into the track.

6. White Space will be trending

Online shoppers are most of the time the busiest people on the planet. Aren’t they? If someone wants to buy something on clicks rather than roaming around the brick and mortars then it is pretty much possible that they are lacking time. Right?

So, they always prefer such online stores which have simple layouts rather than the complex ones with some intricate designs on the earth. If you want to start an ecommerce store after a month, you can check this article to know why you should start earlier.

Now, white space technology is something that can exactly do so for them. So, if you are an e-commerce designer then you should certainly opt for this technology to attract more and more customers towards your store.

It’s because whitespace can definitely help you to showcase the most significant of any particular page that has been designed by you. The same is true for any specific product even.

Due to such amazing perks of whitespace technology, 2018 is definitely going to culture it more than ever before.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned e-commerce web-designing trends are really going to be fantastic in the next months of the year!! But, it is only you who can understand what would be the best for your website. So, just choose cautiously, implement smartly, and there you are! A great round of applause for you in terms of huge traffic and abundant sales will definitely kiss your feet at the end of the year.

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