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Personalized video landing pages that convert like crazy

Author's avatar By Expert commentator 02 Dec, 2019
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Video landing pages have a video embedded, illustrating the working or value of a service or product, and they can help increase conversion

Marketers are constantly working towards improving the conversion rates of their websites. With the average website conversion rate being 2.35%, there’s a huge scope to improve this and be in the top 10% of websites with a 3-5x higher conversion rate.

Only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. If you fall in the remaining 78% feeling that your conversion rates suck, it is high time you incorporate personalized video landing pages in your marketing strategy.

As a marketer, you can no longer afford to undermine the importance of videos in capturing, holding and retaining your audience’s attention. A case study by EyeView found that adding videos on landing pages increased conversions by 80-86%.

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Here’s a guide to creating personalized video landing pages that convert like crazy.

What is a video landing page?

Video landing pages have videos embedded within them that illustrate the working or value of a service or product.

The video is embedded on a hosting platform and is accompanied by static images and text. Sometimes you would come across a full-screen multimedia video experience on the landing page.

SharpSpring, a marketing automation provider added the video right beside the lead capture form. The video is used to catch attention as soon as the visitor arrives on the landing page.

Personalized video landing page example

Which brings us to building personalized video landing pages.

A personalized video landing page allows you to customize every asset on the page as per your preferences. This includes your branding elements, theme color, images, content, website URL, company details, thumbnail and custom domain, thereby enhancing your brand recognition.

Benefits of personalized video landing pages

The 3 key benefits of using personalizing video landing pages in your marketing campaigns include:

1. Increasing engagement

Brands are struggling to get noticed by consumers. On average people receive more than 200 emails a day. Capturing their attention and engaging with them on a channel (their inbox) that they interact with daily, multiple times a day is also a challenge.

Sending them personalized emails with information tailored to them as opposed to the impersonal content being sent by a majority of brands could better capture the reader’s interest.

Personalized videos in an email are tough to ignore. You can catch the customer’s attention by adding their name, title, company name and logo.

2. Increasing conversions

Out of the 55% of marketers using videos in their emails, a very small percentage utilizes personalized video landing pages in their email marketing campaigns. Email is still one of the top marketing channels to reach out to your customers. You can communicate one-on-one utilizing personalized videos to increase conversions, by instilling a sense of relevance. It makes them feel that you’ve presented them with exactly the information they need, in a timely fashion.

The results B2B companies observed when they used personalized videos were:

  • PC maker Lenovo found a 4.5x increase in click-through rates and 400% higher open rates for personalized video emails.
  • Marketing automation provider ActOn found 2x as many people spent 62% more time on landing pages with personalized videos.
  • Video personalization helped Tradeshift, a global supplier collaboration platform get a 10x increase in click-through rates and 231% more page views.
  • In an email campaign featuring personalized videos, Cetera Financial Group observed a 600% higher click-through rate.

3. Building a personal connection with your audience

SalesLoft found 75% of late-stage prospects close more deals when they received personalized videos. Videos add a personal touch to your brand’s communication. Personalizing these videos makes your message more persuasive.

Your prospect feel as if they know the person they’re doing business with, thereby establishing trust. You are showing your audience that you see them as real people and not just another name in your contact list.

For example, as soon as a user signs-up for your product, your account manager can send a personalized video email. You can explain the benefits, give a demo and build trust by sharing customer testimonials at all stages of the sales cycle.

Tips to help your personalized video landing page stand out

The goal of the personalized video landing page is to convince the prospect to convert into a customer by taking the desired action.

The following six best practices will help your personalized landing page to inspire the prospect to take the next step.

1. Autoplay or press play

Do not simply perceive autoplay as being aggressive to the user. Facebook and Twitter use silent autoplay videos.

If you add press play, ensure that it has a prominent play button. The visitor should know that they are supposed to press the play button.

A/B test the two versions on your landing page to see what increases conversions.

2. Use a strong thumbnail

No matter how compelling your video is if the thumbnail fails to convey that, your visitors won’t hit the play button. Ensure that the thumbnail is enticing and relevant.

The elements of a good thumbnail are:

  •  A close up of the face
  • An image that shows emotions
  • Strong and easy-to-read text

For better consistency, embed your company’s logo in the video.

You cannot afford to overlook the thumbnail as it increases the click-through rates by up to 15%.

3. Position of the video on the landing page

Place your video above the fold. This means, keeping the video in the area of the landing page where the visitor doesn’t have to scroll down to watch.

Remove the sidebars and reduce the surrounding text. Add only those design elements that enable the visitor to focus on the video.

4. Keep the call to action visible at all times

What is the use of a landing page and an awesome video without a call to action?

Your CTA should tell the visitors what to do so that they don’t have to figure it themselves.

For example, you are marketing the launch of an e-book. The goal of the video and the landing page is getting downloads right?

A CTA “Download our e-book” is strong, succinct and clear.

Creating a CTA in the form of a simple message is the first step that your audience takes in starting their journey in your sales funnel.

The CTA in the Dollar Shave Club’s Landing page is visible at all times and is placed close to the video.

Video CTA example

5. Use social proof on the landing page

More than 70% of online consumers look for reviews, recommendations and testimonials before making a purchase.

Social proof eases the mind of the worried customer and prospect when buying from a brand they have never interacted offline with.

Use social proof in the form of a video on the landing page from customers, experts or celebrities.

Videos with moms sharing their satisfaction from an online interactive math class had a 12% increase in conversion rate against another video that simply introduced the program.

Video aiding conversion

6. Compress the video for a shorter page loading time

Marketers shy away from using videos on their landing page because of the misconception that videos affect the load time.

Slow load time can cost you, customers. Your prospects will leave your landing page if it doesn’t load within two seconds.

If not compressed, videos can slow the landing page.

Tools such as KeepVid Online Video Compressor can compress your video without damaging the quality.

To check where your landing page is losing speed, you can use Google’s free speed test.


Personalized video landing pages use one-on-on communication to build an emotional connection with your audience, encourage them to watch your message, stay longer on the landing page and ultimately increases conversions.

You can measure the traction of the video garners to unlock valuable data about the audience’s interest and purchase intent. The marketing and sales teams can then use this data in their campaigns to increase lead scoring, segmentation, customer insights and the business proposition.

Now that you know about personalized videos and how businesses are using them, how would you fit them into your business?


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