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The most effective CRO techniques [#ChartoftheDay]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 24 May, 2016
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How difficult are the most effective CRO techniques?

This chart from the Ascend2 Conversion Rate Optimization research report shows the views on CRO effectiveness from 177 marketers in medium to large B2B and B2C organisation.

Effectiveness of CRO tactics

A/B testing seems to rule the roost, as the most effective and easiest tactic. Our Customer Journey analysis survey also found A/B testing as the most popular testing method among 1100 marketers, so this corroborates our findings. We also found that multivariate testing was seen as difficult to implement.

Personalisation of content was also seen as very effective but was also judged to be tricky to implement. You'll need content personalisation tools to do it right, so you might want to consult our free digital marketing tools guide if you're considering implementing a content personalisation program.

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By Robert Allen

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