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The Who, Why and Where of using QR or action codes for marketing

We've had a lot of interest in our previous posts on using QR codes for marketing which shows their potential, but I've had a nagging doubt in my mind about the response rates - no one seems to be sharing success stories. Either it's working fantastically well for QR code vendors and brands and they're keeping it close to their chests or they're embarrassed. Recent reports by Comscore, help with answering the response rate question and also gives an idea of the level of adoption amongst different demographics together with interesting data on how QR codes are being used, hence the title of this post. This summary reviews consumer pull - adoption rates in the US, UK and Europe, but this is also driven by company push as they use QR codes more in their campaigns - we have…

New research and examples show how the latest QR code approaches integrate with video and Ecommerce

I’ve been taking a look at some of the latest examples of integrating print with digital through ads and statistics of action code usage in the US.  You may know action codes as QR codes, but we're increasingly seeing Action codes used as a generic term for this direct response technique, since QR codes, although the dominant form of action code are technology specific and there other options such as Blippar and Microsoft Tag.

Statistics on action code usage

Nellymoser, Inc., a mobile marketing and technology services company, has some interesting insight on the use of action codes in magazine advertising. To understand how these mobile action codes are being used in magazines, Nellymoser surveyed every issue of the top 100 U.S. magazines by circulation in 2011 and the first six months of 2012. I use the term…

A small business campaign example shows which calls-to-action work best

Giulia’s family runs the popular Italian restaurant ‘Al Gatto Nero’, in Poole in the UK, and they get customer interactions with QR Codes every day.

Giulia’s goal is to spread the word about their delicious stone-baked pizzas. She decides to use QR codes to get more Facebook likes and more enewsletter sign ups. Good move! As there are several places she wants to use QR codes, Giulia decides to use the Campaigns and Sources to track which places give her the best results. She has already registered for a free account at, so she logs in and starts by creating 2 campaigns: Campaign #1: “Facebook – get more likes” Campaign #2: “enewsletter – get more sign-ups“ Giulia now creates…

... Examples of how to make marketing campaign QR codes work with a short code QR tracking service

If you are running client campaigns with customised QR codes in them, you will want to make sure they scan every time. Not just on your graphic designer's iPhone after she wiggles it in the air for 15 seconds whilst muttering a prayer! Each scan could ultimately be a sale. Or a sale lost. So why do her beautiful creations not always scan?

Why do some QR codes scan quickly?

Putting aside mobile platform and chosen app, a fast scan requires visual clarity and simplicity of the QR code. The bare black and white code including the quiet zone border is (technically) the…

New tool enables insights on which physical ads drive QR code response

Value/Importance: [rating=2] Recommended link: Eenox introduction to Qube We’re fans of the options QR codes give for new marketing applications, so it’s interesting to see a new tool, launched this week by France-based company Eenox that enables better geographical tracking of how offline ads like posters drive response. According to its developers, Eenox Qube is the first QR code tracking solutions to provide geolocalisation support using the HTML5 API. The solution tracks specific geolocalisation informations such as a latitude and longitude using either GPS information or either IP location method. Users have the option of disclosing their location, for example, on a basis of 100 scans the system can show that 78 scans have been geolocalised, 18 users refused to provide their positions, and 4 positions where unavailable for technical reasons. …

Pizza Express’ multichannel QR code

Nothing makes an idea or concept come to life better than a story or an example. So I’ve decided to create an ongoing series of posts simply showing some of the best examples of engagement I’ve seen. These are both as part of campaigns and as engagement devices on web, mobile or social network sites. If you know of anything I should feature please drop me a line.

Pizza Express – from QR code to iPhone App payment

Over the last six months the rise of QR codes for multichannel customer engagement and marketing has reached a tipping-point. Providing an easy way to use a smartphone to scan a small code in the real world and immediately access information or a service online means QR codes have started to crop up on posters, newspapers and even…

Wondering how to get started with QR codes? Our guide showing the marketing applications and campaign examples

QR Code Billboard As Smart Phones and Smart Phone Apps increase in usage we're seeing a lot more interest in how to use QR codes (also known as 2D barcodes or mobile tagging) as a part of the marketing mix. This in-depth discussion on how to use QR codes for marketing on our Smart Insights Linked In Group is an example of this interest. Late last year Nielsen predicted that smart phones will be the dominant device by the end of 2011, so there's certainly a reason to be taking this area more seriously.

What are QR codes?

Firstly, in case you're not 100% clear on what QR codes…