Have you ever been questioned on how you can drive more organic traffic to your website? Or been asked to provide KPIs for what you can achieve with SEO efforts in the next 6-12months?

Haven’t we all. But before we begin to answer questions of that sort, it is important to understand, as well as explain to management, what SEO actually means and how it works. Rest-assured what you are about to read is not something I’ve based on reading online only. It is based on actual experiences throughout my SEO career (in-house and agency side), through tested methods. Let’s begin with what a small website is.

[si_guide_block id="5750" title="Download our Premium Resource – Successful SEO Guide" description="This guide is one of our most popular and rightly so. If you get it right, SEO can be a fantastic, relatively low-cost way to drive quality visitors who want to do business with you to…

Startup company growth needs effective and easily accessible digital tools and resources

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of startups that can be seen as a fresh alternative to working in corporations. This is due to their creators’ desire to be independent and run their own company, but also due to changes taking place in the business culture, rapid technological development and most of all, easy access to tools that help grow and manage firms effectively. As a matter of fact, every startup company supporting relevant software and digital sources can build a strong marketing campaign and grow business all by itself. Looking for tools to conduct startup business, entrepreneurs are drawing attention to some of their common features: • Easy availability • Low-cost or free • Accelerating work • Integrated with other tools SaaS…

SMEs need to choose a CRM that is easy to use and will grow with their business - without additional costs

A good customer relationship management system is vital. Whether you're a large enterprise with multiple products, integrated marketing and sales teams, and have thousands of monthly customers or are a small start-up wanting to better understand your customer journey and nurture a small number of leads, a CRM that grows with you is just as important as having a winning business strategy or an optimized PPC campaign. Understanding how your customers interact with your brand, how you interact with your customers and how it all fits together in a succinct and integrated customer lifecycle, will help every size company manage and analyze customer interactions and data. As a growing start-up you need assurance that investment will be returned before you outgrow it - upgrading to the next plan each time can quickly rack up monthly…

Position tracking for small businesses made easy through SEO tools

Search engine optimization (SEO): in this day and age, you're simply not going to get anywhere without it. No matter what line of work you're in, it's almost a guarantee that you're going to use the internet, and this fact has made it even more important to know how to use SEO to drive visitors to websites and front doors. Thankfully, because of how connectivity is so widespread, there's no dearth of tools to support the SEO efforts of business owners.

The features you need

Nowadays any small business or online agency can run their own SEO campaigns or take on projects on behalf of other companies. SEO has come a long way since the black-hat days of keyword stuffing, though; working your website up the search results ladder into that coveted top spot requires a steady hand on the tiller and…

How AI is revolutionizing e-commerce even for small businesses

If you attended any digital marketing or eCommerce conferences this year then you know that artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics around. Speakers are talking about it, vendors are selling it, and attendees are just trying to keep up. If you walk away from the AI discussions because they’re too complex or not right for your brand, then you’re missing out. [si_guide_block id="18204" title="Access Business Resource - Multichannel retail proposition audit and competitor benchmarking template" description="Review the effectiveness of E-commerce propositions using this Excel spreadsheet"/] AI solutions are easier to use and apply to your eCommerce business than ever. Let’s dispel the myths around artificial intelligence to find out how this tool can benefit your business. You don’t need the budget of a national retailer like Yankee Candle Company to wow your customers with artificial intelligence. …

6 Ways to launch and grow your startup using content marketing

Launching a start-up can be an exhilarating experience. However, there's a difference between launching a startup and being able to grow a startup so that it becomes a long-term success. After all, there's a reason why many startups tend to fail within a few years.

If it was so easy to successfully run a startup, everyone would be doing it. Oftentimes what happens is that when a startup is launched, its founders tend to get overzealous with their efforts to monetize its products and services, while failing to build a solid foundation from which the startup can actually be a viable company in the future.

While running a startup presents many unique challenges, the reality is that its growth starts with one thing: building an audience or user base.

White labeling can help SMEs/SMBs compete with the bigger players - here's how

The concept behind white label marketing is not entirely new.  There are many white label services that marketing companies use to make their lives easier.  The big benefit of white labeling is that it allows businesses an easy way to expand their service offerings to their clients without having to develop the product or service themselves. Many businesses don’t want to waste time and internal resources in areas that can take years to become proficient in.  By offering white label services to your customers it can allow your company to specialize in your area of expertise and provide excellent customer service to your customer base in real time. [si_guide_block id="123671" title="Template white labelling briefing for agencies and consultants" description="See a full guide to all of our editable templates that can be white labelled. They have been created to help members…

A quick guide to small business SEO

There are more than 28 million small businesses in the United States alone, and they account for 99.7% of all businesses in the country. Are you among them? If the answer is yes, you know just how challenging it is to rise to the occasion and beat your competitors in the battle for customers. In the 21st century, the battlefield is online – between 70 and 80% of people claim they research a company before choosing to do business with them. Evidently, in order for a small business to thrive, it has to boost its online influence. Still, no more than 17% invest in SEO. Whether they do not understand the value of this marketing channel, or simply do not understand it, the fact is – SEO is essential for business growth. Whichever the case, here is the gist of everything a young entrepreneur should know…

Our goals are the same as they’ve always been: attract customers’ attention, stick in their memories, and provide a great service (or product) they keep coming back to.

That’s never going to change. So what’s the difference? Consumer choice. Gone are the days when we could spray-and-pray radio ads and advertorials in high-circulation outlets. Consumers are absolutely glutted with options. There’s more out there than anyone person could ever experience and it’s just as difficult – if not more so – to stand out in the all-too-familiar “crowded marketplace” as it ever was, fancy tools or not.

1. Turn off your phone and call a meeting

Meetings aren’t anybody’s favourite pastime. But you’re going be glad you arranged this one because you’re going to get your entire team together to figure out the most important step in implementing any marketing plan for a startup: “what do we want to achieve?” Your business' success depends…

Marketing your restaurant is a mobile game.

The emergence of the smartphone has created a culture of connectivity. With 77% of U.S. adults population carrying around smartphones to stay connected, it makes sense that your restaurant follows suit with the big names to capitalize on this growing need to know. If you look around at what many restaurants are trying, you will see many innovative and forward-thinking strategies that are yielding some great success. Today there are a number of ready-made app solutions that provide access to many of these features being used by the big names. The rise of app builders now allows you to implement the same strategies used by large chains without all the necessary developer fees. You can easily borrow some of the thinking behind the success of these big brands and develop your own mobile strategy based on what's working. As a small business or even a string of…

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