Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads as a B2B company. However, many struggle with executing it correctly. Are you one of them?

Around 70% of users on the internet learn via content before purchasing a product versus traditional advertisements. Times are changing. The average person used to need advertisements to tell them about a product or service. Not anymore. B2B consumers are smarter and more resourceful than ever. They have everything they need at their fingertips to make an informed decision. That’s where content marketing comes in. It aligns with this behaviour by offering high-quality valuable content that educates prospects on a relevant topic. This, when done properly, gets them sucked into your lead generation funnel, as well. [si_guide_block id="5651" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Content marketing strategy guide" description="This guide…

Chart of the week: 98% of B2B marketers now accept that content performance justifies its cost, with the main goal for content marketing being conversion

Content has become a huge part of marketing in general, which has resulted in 98% of B2B brands now recognizing that the performance of content justifies its cost. This is according to a new report from Walker Sands Communications. However, few B2B brands have got everything about their content marketing strategy perfected with marketers reporting that they need to work to improve all aspects of their content within the next year. The biggest area to need improvement is content production, which 83% of B2B marketers are looking to address in the next 12 months. This was followed closely by strategy and ROI tracking, both…

Going viral is something of a dream for us B2B content creators and marketers. You’d be lying if you deny that, plain and simple

And why not? Creating original, high-quality content is a monumental task in itself, let alone marketing it and making it stand out. The thought of our content spreading across the internet like wildfire is often what keeps us going. However, for B2B marketers, achieving virality with a well-written blog post is even more inconceivable. That’s because our audience is highly targeted professionals and business leaders, and our content is not meant to entertain or amuse. Going viral with a piece of content is somewhat akin to finally getting our "big break" in the digital industry, after writing countless blog posts, outreach emails, and what have you. [si_guide_block id="5651" title="Download our Individual Member Resource – Content marketing strategy guide" description="This guide shows you both how to develop a content marketing…

New research highlights activities from the top performers

Joe Pullizzi and team over at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) have been doing a great job in tracking trends in content marketing over the years. I still think of content marketing as a relatively new label for a marketing technique that has existed as long as print (see this video history of how content marketing has evolved from 1895). Yet it’s now ten years since I first read ‘Get Content, Get Customers’ by Joe, which was the first call-to-action to modern content marketing that started the latest trend.

Content marketing management trends for 2019

The latest trends and success factors for the year ahead are highlighted in this research, which focuses on B2B marketer responses, but highlights content marketing strategy success factors relevant for many other organisations. These are highlighted by categorisation of respondents by ‘top performers’ who characterizes his or her organization’s…

Chart of the Day: The most effective content types for lead generation

The internet has matured to become a highly competitive landscape. Sales teams rely on marketers to produce even more, and better-qualified leads, while marketers rely on designers and developers to bring their vision and content to life. It is an endless cycle that loops from month to month, and from quarter to quarter, always on, always trying to move the needle just that little bit further... As marketers, our primary objective is to identify and reach potential customers, and to nurture those customers from interest and awareness stage, all the way through to becoming paying customers. But how do we get their attention at the optimum time, in a way that resonates? Content Marketing. According to a survey produced by Ascend2 and its Research Partners, a sample of 255 marketing influencers revealed that research reports not only produce the highest number of leads but also has…

Chart of the Day: A review of the content types that engage B2B audiences

How to best engage audiences is a challenge in all sectors, but particularly in B2B marketing where there are so many potential formats that can be selected as suggested by our content marketing matrix. This new research considers the 5 most popular content types only, but is interesting since it goes beyond reviewing the content that supports B2B buying decisions, but also considers general content consumption by professionals: This chart shows that if you want to engage your audiences, publishing other types of industry content could be popular. Covering industry trends is significantly more popular with content around to approach business challenges less popular, but still worthwhile. This shows the value in creating an digital value proposition as part of your content marketing strategy. As the visual shows you should…

6 Ways to launch and grow your startup using content marketing

Launching a start-up can be an exhilarating experience. However, there's a difference between launching a startup and being able to grow a startup so that it becomes a long-term success. After all, there's a reason why many startups tend to fail within a few years.

If it was so easy to successfully run a startup, everyone would be doing it. Oftentimes what happens is that when a startup is launched, its founders tend to get overzealous with their efforts to monetize its products and services, while failing to build a solid foundation from which the startup can actually be a viable company in the future.

While running a startup presents many unique challenges, the reality is that its growth starts with one thing: building an audience or user base.

Chart of the day: Original research drives traffic but marketers aren't promoting it to its full potential.

Original research produced by b2B marketers drives traffic and social shares - but are marketers making the most of their excellent research? The short answer, according to research by Buzzsumo and Mantis Research is pretty much a "no". The research found the main benefits of producing original research (research reports which involve conducting a survey of real people e.g. marketers) drives traffic and social shares, success! Website traffic, social shares, PR and influencer mentions, as well as leads were reported by half or more respondents. This proves the value of conducting original research and shows why it's so popular as a content marketing methods. When asked how marketers then promoted the research, this is what they found: Most marketers promote…

Chart of the Day: Research showing the popularity of different types of content assets are used during B2B vendor service selection

Our poll featured in our digital marketing trends 2018 post showed the ongoing popularity of content marketing as a technique with marketers. This research, looks at content popularity from a different angle, the popularity of different forms of content assets during the buying process. This visual is 'numbers' heavy, but the orange shading helps show the most popular types of content.

Which content formats are most popular?

Considering which content types are most popular, we can see that most types of content are useful to someone! This suggests the importance of using content mapping as a technique to align the right types of content with the right persona and stage of the buying process as covered in the templates and examples in our persona guide…

Chart of the day: Time is the biggest challenge when it comes to content marketing

Marketers have revealed time and quality are their biggest content marketing challenges according to research by Clearvoice. Time, content quality and creating content were the top three challenges, which suggest a perception of the number of resource marketers feel content needs. And right they are! Quality and effective content takes time, needs to be good quality and needs the appropriate resource to put aside this time and make sure it's great quality. Marketers recognise that it's quality over quantity and understand quality is the most important aspect. Production is also a big challenge for marketers, the resource involved in making it happen and getting it live and as someone who works full time in the production of content, it certainly is harder than you may think. …

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