Create a co-ordinated 'always-on' contact strategy for the whole customer lifecycle to boost conversions and retention

It's no secret that engaging your customers is crucial to achieving continued sales, and it's also well known that it is usually far easier and costs less to get repeat business from existing customers than it is to acquire new ones from scratch. Customer relationship management (CRM) is well established as a process to try to achieve this, but this 'relationship' begins today with the first contact with the customer when they are simply a contact or prospect. We believe that the best way for a company or brand to build relationships is through a planned always-on marketing approach of integrated communications across multiple digital channels. To enable this, we're fortunate today to have many martech options for Marketing Automation, so we can create a co-ordinated contact strategy to engage audiences through: Automated email…

Ecommerce personalization will once again redefine how websites need to be designed in order to turn visitors into customers

Ecommerce personalization has been the hottest trend in customer engagement for a while now. Many consumers can hardly remember what it was like to visit a website that didn’t use at least some degree of this method to better engage with them. But we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what ecommerce personalization can do. In fact, you will soon see four ways it’s going to redefine websites – once again – in the very near future.

5 Websites That Have Proven the Benefits of Ecommerce Personalization

Before we bring up the ecommerce personalization trends that will redefine how successful websites are designed, let’s look at five examples of sites that became household names largely because of this powerful tactic.

1. Netflix

Netflix is responsible for …

Personalization technology is accessible, affordable, and easy to implement. It should be considered a “must have” - not a “would like to have”- in 2018

Amazon has always been the brand that ecommerce marketers look up to. It offers consumers a shopping experience that many brands feel is beyond their reach. But is it? In this blog post, we’re on a mission to bust the myth that personalized customer experiences can only be achieved by Amazon,, and other ecommerce giants.

Personalization is accessible

Many assume that Amazon is built on proprietary technology that others brands can’t get access to. We’re here to tell you this isn’t the case. Technology that uses behavioural targeting and personalization to build better customer experiences is actually very accessible: First of all, it isn’t as expensive as you might assume. Depending on which provider you go with, investing…

Chart of the Day: Ecommerce businesses share their ROI from personalization for the Retail, Travel and Financial services sectors

There are now many options for website personalization tools, but we know from our member research that many businesses have yet to implementation personalization for different reasons. I'm sharing these figures from a new research report since it may help as part of putting together a business case for investment in a tool. In the report, Personalization is defined as: "the ability to interact with each individual, at any moment, across touch points based on everything known about them, and includes testing, segmentation, and individualization approaches".  The first chart shows that across all three sectors reported, the vast majority - between 70 and 70% - do report a positive ROI. I was surprised that the proportion of businesses who don't or can't wasn't higher since many smaller businesses haven't fully implemented personalization. This perhaps reflects the larger businesses…

5 steps to using a personalization program to increase online sales

Using the right process and the right tools for personalization is essential in making sure you achieve your conversion rate goals. Our team at Smart Insights has collaborated with the team at Monetate, creators of the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine, to create this practical infographic, detailing the key areas of focus for a fully optimized personalization programme.

The 5 personalization techniques

Using a strategic approach to personalization structure is imperative. The infographic recommends 5 personalization steps and a process to follow, for a successful personalization programme that increases online sales: Selecting goals most appropriate to your funnel stage - Selecting the right measure(s) is vital when looking at what part of the conversion funnel you are wanting to optimize. Apply testing optimization Segment for greater lift Apply 1:1 Machine Learning for individualized experiences Incorporate optimization, segmentation and 1:1 to achieve your goals …

Product, offer and content recommendation services to help retailers and other businesses nurture prospects and increase conversion

The website personalization tools we recommend in this article enable you to segment visitors and then deliver personalized messages of the 'next best product' or 'next best content' within containers on your website as with the classic Amazon personalized recommendations (read their published methodology from this fascinating whitepaper from back in 2003). I originally wrote this post in 2010 when there were fewer personalization options. I have updated it annually since with recommendations provided via social media - do get in touch if you have a suggestion - TIA! This is the latest 2017 update where we compare the full range of options from free personalization tools to low-cost and enterprise services across these four categories: 1. Analytics tools based personalization 2. Retail personalization 3. Content or commerce management system personalization 4. B2B website personalization as…

Chart of the Day: Which personalization techniques are most popular?

There are now many website personalization services available (our listing identifies 28), but how popular are they? This new research is useful to businesses considering adopting website personalization since it explores how many businesses are using different types of personalization. The benefits of personalization are compelling, regardless of the type of business. Once set up, it can automatically deliver an improved customer experience and increase conversion by recommending relevant products and customers to nudge visitors along the customer journey. Such recommendations services are well-known and widely deployed in ecommerce, especially retail, but there are options to use them in other sectors like travel and financial services. Our article identifies 4 categories including B2B, where personalization services can recommend the 'next-best content' to nurture prospects.

How Widely Adopted Are Different Personalization Techniques?

Across all companies surveyed, more companies are using personalization for email marketing (72%)…

How Personalization, Segmentation, and Optimization work together to create a seamless customer experience

There are three different levels to delivering personalized customer experiences: optimization, segmentation, and 1-to-1 personalization. Many of the ecommerce marketers we speak to are already using one or two of those approaches but haven’t considering how they relate to one another-so we developed a visual we call the Monetate Personalization Pyramid to help visualize the relationships between these three layers. In this article, we’ll talk you through the Pyramid from the bottom up.  If you want to find out more, sign up for Smart Insights and Monetate's Getting Personalisation Right: 10 Best Practices to Improve Conversion webinar. 


The base level of the pyramid is optimization. This describes the process of testing different approaches, analyzing the results to identify the top-performing design, and then implementing the winner. You'll know this…

Here are the 3 most important reasons why you should pay attention to your ecommerce personalization strategy today more than ever before

If your team is like most ecommerce organizations these days, you have already made some progress in your personalization journey by serving relevant content to your ideal customer groups and optimizing experiences that you serve. The ability to deliver true 1-to-1 personalized experiences across all channels has been the dream of every marketer — personalization increases loyalty, drives higher conversions and grows revenue. Unfortunately, it has been incredibly difficult to deliver on individualized experiences at scale and various attempts at personalization over the past four decades have failed, resulting in greater unpredictability in revenue. With recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), this changes. It’s finally possible for brands and retailers to deliver on the promises of 1-to-1 personalization and serve the ideal experience to their each of their customers…

Boost your conversion rate with ecommerce personalisation

When it comes to giving customers a better shopping experience it is crucial to make them feel like they are valued. In a brick and mortar store, this can be done through personal greetings, in-store perks, and personalized offers based on feedback that results from in-store conversations. Running an ecommerce business presents an additional layer of challenges for businesses trying to nurture personal relationships with customers. But these challenges are not insurmountable when using ecommerce personalization for better conversions.

What is Ecommerce Personalization?

Ecommerce personalization involves giving customers a customized shopping experience based on their demographics, likes and dislikes, tastes, previous purchases, interests, and buying behavior. Ecommerce personalization for better conversions has proven itself to be a great investment both qualitatively and quantitatively. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon has been quoted saying, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of…

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