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User experience a high priority for almost three quarters of marketers [#ChartoftheDay]

Author's avatar By Robert Allen 28 Jun, 2016
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Big majority of marketers now highly focused on user experience

Good news for those annoyed by horrifically complex user journeys, marketers are finally paying attention to your plight! It's probably good news for marketers as well, as a lack of focus on customer journey will mean prospects dropping out of your marketing funnel left right and centre.

The chart below based on data from the programmatic ad agency Celtra, show how many marketers have been awakened to importance of customer experience. Very close to half said it was a high priority, whilst another quarter declared it was their highest priority. For those 22% who are laggards who don't think about it, you may want to consider it! Although in fairness, it may be a flaw in the survey given that there was no 'not applicable option'.

Marketers user experiance priorities

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By Robert Allen

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