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The tools and techniques for creating a compelling user experience are constantly changing. With today's websites and social networks offering interactivity and rich media we couldn't have dreamt of a few years ago, there are great opportunities to produce an effective experience.

User experience UX quick guide

User experience UX success factors

Since the creation of an online user experience is a process, its development shares many features of other product development processes. This means that each stage must be followed to get the research and implementation right. ISO3457 -  the International Standard for Human Centred Design - has been created to help with the management of larger UX projects.

Today a Guerilla process to user-testing and usability is often used.

User experience UX definition

Management of the online user experience (UX) covers a range of techniques to research online users, design the experience, create it and then evaluate and improve it's effectiveness.

This post on explaining UX Research in plain language is a good starting point for the details of techniques.

Best websites on User experience UX

These are the most popular sites for keeping-up-to-date with user-experience. The top two are recommended.
  • A List Apart - "For People Who Make Websites"
  • - one of the most popular sites covering IA and web design
  • HCI Bibliography - Archive of the latest thinking on human-computer-interaction
  • Information Design - A site focusing on information architecture updates
  • - Jakob Nielsen's site still contains useful alerts for marketers who needs to know about web design and usability approaches

Key techniques for User experience UX

These are the related techniques which we recommend as important for managing User experience UX effectively. View these hub pages giving details on best practices, statistics and examples for these techniques:

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