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Marketing in a recession

What needs to go into a marketing communications action plan to respond to a recession?

In March 2020, we saw global brands like Apple, Nike and Starbucks closing stores around the world and posting Coronavirus advisories to their websites and social networks. Since then, many businesses and individuals have seen their fortunes transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. By May, we saw many countries moving from lockdown to re-opening their businesses in the face of a recession. To help consider the priorities and options from a marketing perspective we have published this free recession marketing action plan guide to help marketers consider their next steps. In this article I review some of the main considerations. [si_guide_block id="151279" title="Download our Free Resource – Creating a marketing action plan for a recession" description="With changes in consumer in consumer spending, it becomes vital to rapidly think through new alternative approaches to prioritize marketing activities with the…